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Best places in Toronto for family fun

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There are a lot of places in Toronto for family fun

Family life can be very complicated. You have to do so many stuff so that your kids have fun. Everyone who has kids can witness how hard it is to do this because kids get bored pretty quickly. It does not have to be fun just with toys, right? There are many more things that you can do in order to make your kids happy. Toronto is a city that offers a lot of great things. There are many places where you can go with your kids and we guarantee that they will be pleased. That should be enough for you to move to Toronto and you can do that with long-distance movers Canada that will make sure to finish your move successfully. After you move to Toronto, find out what are the best places in Toronto for family fun!

Top places in Toronto for family fun

Toronto is a city of around 2,700,000 residents and it is the most populous city in Canada. Even though the population is not as big as in New York or some other megacity, this is a big city that is both elderly and kids friendly.

It is 533 meters tall
Go to the largest structure in the Western hemisphere

See what are the best places in Toronto for family fun that you should definitely visit:

  • CN Tower
  • Toronto Zoo
  • Centre Island’s Amusement Park
  • Ontario Science Centre
  • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

CN Tower

It is a fact that CN Tower is the tallest structure located on the West part of the world. With 553 meters in height, it should definitely make you breathless. But we are here mostly for family fun, right? Well, you can relax and be sure that your kids will most definitely enjoy this visit. CN Tower has a glass elevator where you can get a look at the city from it. On the other hand, once you get to the top, the view of the city is spectacular! At this height, you can see every part of the city. Also, it has a glass floor which will definitely be the real attraction to your kids.

Toronto Zoo

We can’t overlook that zoos are very special to kids. Toronto Zoo is very big. It has over 10 kilometres of paths so you can be sure that you can spend a whole day here without getting bored. As you may think, this is a zoo that has many different species of animals which you can see. You can be sure that your kids will have a blast on this visit. Just be sure to pack lunch and snacks before you go. On the other hand, there is a lot of different food there so see for yourself what suits you best.

This is definitely one of the best places in Toronto for family fun
Go to Toronto Zoo

Centre Island’s Amusement Park

This is definitely of the best places in Toronto for family fun. It is located Toronto’s Centre Island and as you may think, you need a ferry to get to it. It is worth it because there are a lot of different offers for your kids and you too. As we said, you will need a ferry to come here. The good thing is that the ferry itself will be an attraction for your kids. You are guaranteed to have a good couple of hours worth of fun!

Ontario Science Centre

An interactive centre for kids that has a specific way of learning. We all hate that standard learning from textbooks and other papers but this centre is different. Your kids will have a chance to learn through touch and sound. Everything that is exposed there can be touched. For example, kids can touch a tornado while learning about it or hear a heart murmur that will not mean that much for them but will be an attraction because you can hear something that is located in your body. The bad thing is that it is located 11 kilometres from downtown. But if you are living in the suburbs, you will not have a problem!

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

One of the best places in Toronto for family fun is most definitely this aquarium that is located next to CN Tower. It is Canada’s largest aquarium that has more than 1,5 million gallons of water and over 15,000 species of animals. You can find anything here, from sharks to turtles and more. You will have fun for sure because you are can experience the wilderness in the downtown of Toronto! The good thing is that you can pair this trip with a trip to CN Tower and you can get a discount. Not bad, right?

It is located right next to CN Tower in downtown Toronto
Go to the largest aquarium in Canada

Is it enough for you to move to Toronto?

Toronto is a big city. That means that there is something for everyone, from the earliest age to old age. Even though it is modern-looking, this city is good for growing a family. You can choose from suburbs to downtown and we assure you that you can find what you seek here. The real estate market here is very good so you can find a house with ease on the location that you want.

Another important thing is the movers. Canada is a very large country so most of the movings are long-distance ones. That means that you need long distance movers Ontario that specialize in this kind of move. Another important part of moving to Toronto is the weather. Canada is a cold and snowy country so it is better to go pro than to do it yourself.


This is a great city! That is a fact. There are a lot of places in Toronto for family fun and if that is something that you seek for, stop your search. You have found the perfect city for you and your family. But this is not just a city for the family. It offers a lot of great things for you as well so you are not going to regret moving to the most populous city in Canada!