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Best places in Ontario for retirement

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    Once in our life comes a moment when we want to decide where we should retire and spend the best of our Golden Years. This place we will call our new home needs to be nice and suit ours and the needs of our beloved ones. We thought about it and wrote an article presenting you with the best places in Ontario for retirement. This way you won’t have to search endlessly for a new place to move to! Just continue reading our article and you will find out more about it!

    Petterborough Is one of the places in Ontario for retirement

    This wonderful place in central Ontario is located near Toronto, and it is filled with all the vibrant places and activities. One of the main focuses of these activities is its senior citizens! Did you know you can participate in Senior Hockey League, where you can meet other members who are aged from 50 to 80 years! Also, a lot of citizens enjoy fishing here! Yes, that’s right, one of the main activities in Petterborough is fishing. The median price of homes in Petterborough revolves around $300,000.

    Man fishing in Petterborough, one of the best places in Ontario for retirement
    Fishing makes Petterborough one of the best places in Ontario for retirement

    With an abundance of activities for senior citizens, Petterborough also provides you with over the top health services. No matter what kind of issues you may have, you can rest assured that this place will help you deal with them. It may be a good idea to deal with any preventable issues before moving here. Especially if you are moving long-distance! Because, if you have some health issues, you won’t be able to deal with long-distance relocations. But, on the other hand, you can rest assured that the long distance movers Canada can help you with your move!  They are more than specialized in moving senior citizens with ease!


    This town is one of the largest towns in Northumberland County. There are many things Cobourg can brag about. And the list only begins with a beautiful beach, marina and a boardwalk. Not to mention numerous festivals, fairs and other beautiful activities! If you, or your loved ones, want to live in a town that has many good parks and places where people can enjoy a nice outdoor activity then this is just the place for them! The good touch with nature is what places Cobourg on our list of the best places in Ontario for retirement. If you are by any chance soon to be retired artist, then you should know that many artists across the country decided to spend their Golden Years here!

    image of a fair
    There are a lot of fairs you can enjoy in Cobourg

    If you are transporting any of your artwork here, then you should always get yourself professional and affordable movers. Only these movers can transport your art without breaking it! So why risk it? Hire your long distance movers Ontario and move to this beautiful town today!

    Be careful when moving

    Relocation is serious business! Especially when you are a senior citizen or you are planning to help your seniors move! We all know how hard it is for us to move with all the preparation, packing, scheduling, etc! This is as twice as hard for them as it is to us, because they may have already suffered from some chronic health issues we usually don’t consider serious. With this, you know that the risks of getting injured are much higher than usual. Injuries are quite common with the senior population because they are already fragile and any mishap can seriously deteriorate their health. There are good tips and tricks on safely moving a senior to their new home you should know more about!

    A senior walking
    Seniors are prone to injuries when relocating


    Did you know that Ottawa holds the number one place on the list of the best places in Ontario for retirement in Ontario? And overall it is the second-best city for retirees in Canada. The criteria used here revolves around cultural activities, arts, sports, outdoor activities, health services, public transportation and climate. All of these factors heavily influence whether or not the city will be suitable for senior citizens. And you shouldn’t worry about any programs for them also! there are numerous festivities and events that are held throughout the year in Ottawa. Ther are also a lot of museums here such as:

    • Canadian Museum of History
    • Canda Science and Technology Museum
    • National Gallery of Canada is one of the things that makes Ottawa on our list of the best places in Ontario for retirement
    Canadian Museum of History
    You will surely enjoy the Canadian Museum of History

    Not only can you enjoy a wide array of beautiful galleries, but also there is a lot of greenery surrounding Ottawa as well! If you love outdoor activities, then this is just the place for you and your beloved ones! Also, Ottawa offers a lot of activities revolving gardening! There are events where you can get free seeds just to make your garden look better! And knowing that, you should also know what are the best approaches to garden decoration!


    This wonderful city lies between Montreal and Toronto. What places Kingston on our list of the best places in Ontario for retirement is the activities it provides to people who are retired captains and sailors. There are a lot of waterfront paths and trails you can use to travel with your boats. And also, you won’t have to worry about your health care since it is more than professional! What may deter you from getting here is the median price of homes that are revolving around $350,000! It may sound a bit too high, but on the other hand, what you can find in Kingston, you can’t find anywhere else!

    A boat on the lake
    Kingston has many waterfronts you can enjoy

    Moving to Kingston is not a big deal unless you have a lot of plants to move with yourself! The climate is perfect for them to thrive and you to enjoy them even further. But, in order to do it, you need to hire good movers that can handle your plants professionally! Which is why it is for the best to know how to handle plants when moving!

    We hope our list of the best places in Ontario for retirement gave you enough insight on where you, or your seniors, wish to live in retirement! These are what we think are the best ones you can find, and we are sure they will be more than excellent for everyone who decides to move here! If you wish to add something to our list, please feel free to leave a comment!