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Best places in Ontario for real estate investment

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After considering places in Ontario for real estate investment, home like this could be yours!

Real estate is a business that grows more and more every day. The good thing is that you can potentially make a lot of money out of it. The downside of the real estate business is that it also involves a lot of risks. Of course, there are many things that you can do in order to higher that chance to make money. Number 1 Movers has prepared a list of places in Ontario for real estate investment where you will have much better chances to invest your money and make a profit.

What are the best places in Ontario for real estate investment and what makes them popular?

Ontario is the most populous province in Canada. That means that the market is the biggest and you have more chances where you can try your luck. The biggest cities of Canada like Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Oakville, and others are located there as well. etc. Every one of these cities offers a lot of possibilities. The only thing that you have to do is to grab a chance and make a profit.

Buildings, water, Toronto
Ontario has plenty of amazing cities where you can invest in real estate, including the nation’s capital.

Some of the best cities in Ontario where you can invest in properties include both big and small cities, like:

  • Ottawa
  • Toronto
  • Hamilton
  • Oakville
  • Brantford
  • Brampton
  • Niagara Region
  • Markham
  • Bellville
  • London
  • Kitchener-Waterloo


It is not that surprising that the capital of Canada is one of the best places in Ontario for real estate investment. Even though this city counts a little over one million residents, it is one of the best real estate markets in Canada. There is a good reason for that, as Ottawa has some of the best Ontario suburbs for families. Lots of people move to Ottawa every year, but the city is still very clean and safe to live in. It’s also relatively affordable, as in January 2023, the average house was sold for $612,661. Therefore, it might be a wise decision to buy a property on your own here as well.


Toronto is known all around the world, as it’s a big tourist spot with several million tourists every year. Many of them even choose to settle down in this big city. Currently, it has over two million residents, most of which rent homes. Therefore, you could easily find tenants if you buy real estate here.

Toronto skyline buildings
Toronto is still evolving so you better invest there!

You would think that the suburbs of Toronto are the best place where you should invest in real estate. Most newcomers are still most interested in downtown Toronto. Every big event and all major things happen there, so it is not that unexpected why many people choose downtown for their new home. On the other hand, suburbs are always a good place for real estate investment. As of March 2023, the houses on average cost as much as $1,099,747, so you’ll need a solid financial plan to invest in Toronto real estate.


If you thought that Oakville wouldn’t be on the list of excellent places in Ontario for real estate investment, you’d be surprised. The city has around 213,000, but it seems that more and more people come here every year. There are several reasons for that. Oakville’s economy is constantly growing, so many people decide to start a business there. There are good opportunities, so you have a high chance of starting a new life there. Also, this city is very close to the US border, which makes it attractive for people who are doing business with this country.

As moving companies in Oakville Ontario can confirm based on their interaction with clients, plenty of them move here to invest in real estate. The homes here are quite sought-after, so in March 2023, the average house price was $1,517,260. If you can afford it, investing in property here will certainly be a wise financial decision!


Hamilton has been experiencing incredible growth in the past couple of years. And because it keeps growing every day, there is a high demand for rental properties. It’s attractive to both new and old families and business owners who have moved here with the help of commercial movers Hamilton and who contribute to a growing population with a thriving economy and low unemployment rate.

Hamilton Ontario - Real estate investment
Hamilton’s growth in economy and population keeps attracting families, business owners, as well as investors to its thriving community.

Hamilton has everything you could ever want from a place where you settle down—good places to have fun and places where you can go and relax. That is why so many people who are moving to Ontario choose Hamilton for their residence and invest in real estate there. If you are looking into investing in Hamilton real estate, it would be best if you act quickly though, as homes here cost less than in Toronto and Oakville. To be precise, as of March 2023, you could expect to pay around $819,418 for a property in Hamilton.

St. Catharines

With a population of around 136,803 residents, St. Catharines is among the smaller cities on this list. It’s also the one with some of the most affordable homes as well, with an average home price being $678,757. However, it’s still a very attractive place for anyone who would want to invest in properties in Ontario.

St. Catharines was planned and built carefully, but this is not the only reason why people might want to settle down here. It also has plenty of natural sights which attract a lot of outdoor enthusiasts. Moreover, it’s well connected to other cities in the Ontario area via GO Train Service.


Brantford might be one of the best business-friendly places in North America, and that also includes the real estate business. The city is experiencing steady population growth. Also, there’s an ongoing Brantford boundary expansion that started in 2017. The development plan is set for the next 20 years, in order to accommodate the growing population of the city. This is also great for investors, as they can take a look at the plans for improving the city and arrange the investments accordingly. Currently, the home in Brantford costs around $646,600, so it’s more affordable than other cities on this list.


This thriving city is one of the best places in Ontario for real estate investment for a few reasons. As a multifunctional destination, it attracts all kinds of people, making it a desirable community for everyone. It’s evolving constantly, and there are medical centers, dining places, etc. popping up all the time. Additionally, it’s expected to grow significantly in the next 7 years, with its population projected to hit about 725.000 residents.

Brampton’s demographics keep increasing, and it’s currently the third largest city in the GTA. In the last two decades, the population has grown and lots of people have moved to the city with the help of commercial movers Brampton. This constant stream of people moving to Brampton has resulted in increased housing demand. Keeping this in mind, it’s not surprising that home prices in Brantford are on the rise as well. The average home sale price in Brampton is around $1 million. When you take this into the account in addition to the stable rental market, it’s easy to see why Brampton is one of the best places in Ontario for real estate investment.

Niagara Region

Investing in Niagara Region’s real estate will offer you a great opportunity for growing in the real estate sector. With a population of around 500.000 residents and a prime location on the border with the US, Niagara Region is a key part of the Greater Golden Horseshoe area that is growing rapidly. Real estate investors are quickly taking action and investing in properties in the region. The place is great for short-term rentals with Niagara Falls being a huge attraction drawing in over 30 million tourists annually! And on top of that, the region keeps extending its appeal by opening wineries and galleries. So if you have the capital to invest in Niagara Region real estate, you’ll be ahead of the game.

winvesting in real estate in ontario niagara region
Niagara Region real estate offers great opportunities for investors. With a growing population and prime location near the US border, it’s perfect for short-term rentals and has seen an 81% increase in home prices from 2014-2019.

The residential market in Niagara is also on the rise with population numbers growing while homes are quite affordable in comparison to the surrounding areas. According to the Canadian Real Estate Agency, home prices have increased by 81% in the region between 2014 and 2019. So if you’re able to afford a property and move here with the help of movers Niagara Falls Ontario you could potentially see a significant increase in value in the next few years.


Markam is a great place for real estate investment because of its unique combination of economic outlook, demographics, and cultural offerings. The population has increased by whopping five times since 1976 and it only keeps growing. The city is home to a few large corporations including Oracle, Motorola, Hyundai, and Honda. As a Hi-Tech Capital of Canada with over 1.100 technology and science companies, Markham keeps drawing in a talented workforce. Additionally, there’s a wide range of activities including football teams, baseball, hockey, and a couple of golf courses. The cultural scene that Markham offers is superb boasting museums, theaters, and libraries.

As an investor, you can move to Markham with the help of movers Markham ON and set down roots in the housing market that only keeps growing maximizing your chance of having a profitable investment.


Bellville is located between Toronto and Ottawa and it’s one of the best places in Ontario for real estate investment due to its connection to industries and employment centers throughout the country. It boasts a rich history as there are lots of buildings constructed in the 1800s that are still standing in the city today. The vibrant historic downtown district attracts investors and visitors. The city’s convenient proximity to Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa, and an uncongested US border just an hour away make it even more appealing to residents, business owners, and investors. Additionally, the city has a stable economy with growth in many industries such as machining, manufacturing, printing, food production, retail, restaurants, and even biotechnology.


Mississauga is an attractive place for real estate investment in Ontario because of its strong economy, diverse industries, and stable housing market. The diverse economy and strong sectors in multiple fields make it less susceptible to economic downturns. The talented workforce and transportation infrastructure make Mississauga an attractive location for businesses that plan on expanding or relocating. So if you’re considering moving your business here, make sure to hire commercial movers in Mississauga for the best moving services.

fountain mississauga canada ontario
Mississauga’s strong economy, diverse industries, and stable housing market make it a prime location for real estate investment. With high demand for housing, there are good rental opportunities.

Population growth leads to high demand for housing, which can lead to good rental opportunities for investors. There are many housing options from high-rise condos to single-family houses. Also, the proximity to Toronto provides a few benefits including access to a great job market, educational opportunities, and convenient transportation.


This region is a great place to live and work. Its strong economy, location, quality of living, and value proposition make it a great place for real estate investment. Let’s start with the economy. This region has been titled the “Silicon Valley of the North” and there is a good reason for that. It’s home to huge tech corporations such as Google, Shopify, Vidyard, Applyboard, and Communitech just to name a few. Additionally, to a great tech sector, finance, insurance, education, and manufacturing industries in the region are very strong.

The region is located only 1 hour from the GTA and it’s in close proximity to Highway 401. There are plans for the development of a transit hub that is going to connect the region to Toronto via the Go train. In addition to the good location and great economy, the quality of life is also amazing. Despite the fast growth in the region, the density is lower in comparison to more populated cities while still maintaining a great urban core with lots of shops, parks, and green spaces.

Kitchener-Waterloo is a great place for real estate investment in Ontario because of its growing economy, low unemployment rate, and high demand for rental properties. As a home to a thriving tech industry and prestigious universities, the real estate market is expected to continue growing in the coming years. So if you plan on investing in real estate or even moving here from Etobicoke, hire movers Etobicoke for the best moving services.


London is an excellent opportunity for real estate investment because of its stable population, rich culture, and a strong economy. The city has a rich history dating back to the late 1700s when it was colonized and annexed by neighboring communities throughout the 1800s and up to today. This has resulted in a variety of neighborhoods as well as architectural styles that offer something for everyone.

London, ON, Canada
Investing in London’s real estate offers great value and potential for growth. With a stable population, rich culture, strong economy, and a variety of neighborhoods, it’s perfect for investors.

It’s home to the University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College. A lot of students and graduates are constantly in the market for housing which makes London a great place for real estate investors who can afford to buy a property in the city. It has a vibrant culture with athletics maintaining a strong presence. Also, there are festivals throughout the year, and the most popular one is SunFest. The city has beautiful museums and a long musical history that made lots of famous singers and instrumentalists.

And the last reason why London is one of the best places for real estate investment in Ontario is the cost of living. Property prices are significantly lower in comparison to other cities like Ottawa or Toronto providing great value in a strong economy that will keep growing in the future. The demographic profile, rich culture as well as amazing history of London make a city that is built to last for a long time while offering great opportunities to real estate investors to provide rental units to students and families who are drawn to the city for its authentic offerings.

How to invest in real estate?

You can do it alone or you can hire professional help. It is always better to hire a reliable real estate agent who has experience and knowledge on their side. You can be sure that you will invest in the best possible place with the help of a professional.


The list of best places in Ontario for real estate investment should be even longer. There are different aspects that determine whether the place is good or not for real estate investment. Of course, the amount of money that you are going to invest in is number one. No one would like to spend money which can’t bring back, right? You just have to understand that the money you invested would probably not return in a matter of days. It will take months and years in order to earn the money you invested. But there is a good thing. The real estate market is usually stable with certain changes so there is a low chance that your investment would fail. No matter how easy something is, you always have to be careful and wise about your decisions.