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Best museums for families in Toronto

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    Are you planning on hiring residential movers Toronto and moving to the Hollywood of North? Well, make sure to read on. This article will present three, unique museums for families in Toronto you can visit. Each different from one another. And each one, hopefully, will present you with a different experience.

    Shoal of Fish
    While Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is not on our list, we still recommend that you visit it! Its beautiful underwater life is breathtaking and fascinating not just for adults but also for kids!

    However, before we start, allow us to issue a cautionary note. Covid-19 has massively impacted the way museums work. Especially, in Canada. That’s why we recommend that you call or check the websites of the museums mentioned below to see the working hours. Some museums still remain closed, while others allow visitors under strict health regulation rules. So, with that caveat out of the way are you ready to find out what are the best places in Toronto for family fun? Great! Let’s get started.

    Best museums for families in Toronto

    Today, your trusty local movers Toronto share with you our top museums for families in Toronto. In no particular order we present:

    1. Ontario Science Centre. This science museum first opened in 1969 making it one of the first interactive science museums in the world. From the moment it opened to this day it has had over 54 million visitors! The idea behind this museum is to inspire passion for the human adventure of discovery. And Ontario Science Centre does this by organizing day camps, sleepovers, school trips. The museum also offers its visitors thought-provoking demonstrations that will leave you in awe and wonder.
    A skeleton of a Tyrannosarus in a museum
    While you won’t find a Tyrannosaurus in the science museum, you’ll definitely be shaken to the bones by the amazing discoveries you’ll experience here!
    1. Children’s Discovery Centre. This museum first opened up in 2015 is the perfect place for your kids to play, explore, learn and grow. However, unlike Ontario’s Science Centre and Rolay Ontario Museum, this is a grassroots project. And this means that it’s still in development and is searching for a stable place to call home.
    2. Royal Ontario Museum. The Royal Ontario Museum first opened up in 1914. This museum is the perfect showcase of art, culture, and nature all over the world! The ROM is home to over three million artworks and cultural objects. And it’s, as a matter of course, a national landmark that every Ontarian should see at least once in their lifetime.

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