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Best locations to buy a house in Oshawa

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    Oshawa is a beautiful city located right on Lake Ontario. With a population of around 150.000 people, Oshawa is the ideal size for a bit of a more casual lifestyle. Still, it’s rich in entertainment and houses around 50 restaurants and cafes. Its close proximity to Toronto is another selling point of this wonderful city. We at Number 1 Van Lines have created a list of the best locations to buy a house in Oshawa. So, let’s see what Oshawa has to offer!


    Donevan is a quiet suburban neighborhood located in the southeast area of Oshawa. Anything you might need is within a 10-minute driving distance. The houses in Donevan are built on big lots, so if a nice, big yard is something you’re searching for, Donevan might just be perfect for you. This area is very desirable since very few homes are on the market. Around 70% of the neighborhood homes are occupied by their owners. Our long-distance movers Oshawa recommend it because it’s a safe neighborhood with many different generations of people living there. 


    McLaughlin is one of the best locations to buy a house in Oshawa for people moving with a family or with the plan of having a family. It has 7 public schools, 4 catholic schools, and 16 parks. Your kids will be able to roam free without any threat of getting hurt. McLaughlin being a family location, is really safe even for the smallest of kids.  There are a series of hills and dales in the McLaughlin neighborhood upon which houses are placed. This could be the perfect forever home for your growing family! Our movers Oshawa guarantee that after a safe move to Oshawa, you’ll enjoy your time there.

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    The Vanier neighborhood is a very desirable neighborhood in Oshawa. Many people want to live here as well as invest in it. The houses in this area were built between 1960 and 1990, so they are older houses. Many people prefer new houses, but on the flip side, just as many prefer older buildings. If this is the kind of aesthetic you enjoy, be sure to check out Vanier. It offers a wide array of houses, semi-detached, town, apartments, mixed-use, and many more.

    Vanier is appealing to families as well since it has four schools and a university. And Vanier is the best area for getting around on foot.


    O’Neil is located right at the center of Oshawa. It’s home to many historic locations such as Parkwood Estate, Lakeridge Health Oshawa Hospital, Durham Courthouse, and the Oshawa Curling Club. It has many school options as well as a very favorable location. The houses date as back as 1900. and encompass a huge variety of styles from time and through the years.  It also has good schools and many safe parks to explore.

    We hope our best locations to buy a house in Oshawa have helped you. If you’re searching for tips on Toronto neighborhoods to move to, we’ve got you covered.