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Best Canadian cities for families

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Canadian flag on the pole in the mountains

You decided on moving to Canada but you do not know much about it. You can read thousands of blog posts and reviews online and still have many questions on this subject. It is understandable that you must perform thorough research before you choose a place you’ll relocate to. And today we will help you with a small “to the point” guide on the best Canadian cities for families. Our goal is to bring you further to your new home and a thriving family-friendly environment. Let’s take a look.

Prepare your move first

Of course, you won’t start packing for the move before you find a few among the best Canadian cities for families. But at least to have a moving plan on paper is a smart thing to do. And when the time comes, you’ll cover everything and move within a week. So, start by creating a moving checklist covering everything you must complete before the moving day. Firstly, inspect your surrounding and realize how much stuff you must pack. This info will tell you how many packing supplies you must purchase as well. And you will know more about the environment you’ll relocate to. Remove any obstacles, calculate materials, form a moving budget, and add everything to your checklist.

Now when you have all the info in place, start browsing for moving companies Ontario. Do it online and in a matter of seconds, you’ll find several eligible choices. Compare services, reviews, and prices and you’ll find a match. Then, simply give them a call when ready and schedule your relocation. Now, let us move onto the best Canadian cities for families and find the one suitable for your family.

Ottawa is surely one of the best Canadian cities for families

The first place we will visit today is Ottawa, Ontario. Arguably the best place to live in the whole of Canada. Firstly, it is beautiful beyond imagining. The Victorian architecture and the Ottawa river stretching far and wide is what your eyes will feed upon while you are in Ottawa. No to mention that the capital city of Canada is full of career opportunities. As well as one of the most prestigious schools and educational institutions in the country. Which gave this place the title of the most educated city in the whole country. And for families, here you’ll find a ton of events and family-friendly places.

Ottawa is one of the best Canadian cities for families
Ottawa city is one of your top candidates. Give it a closer look.

Top-notch service in restaurants, malls, coffee shops, and other similar establishments awaits you. Lastly, the infrastructure is impeccable and the market is constantly growing. This opens up many opportunities for people to move, settle in, and improve the quality of life tenfold. Surely a place for your kids to grow in and invest in education and their careers.

Now let’s visit Vancouver

The next stop on our journey is in Vancouver, British Columbia. And like in most Canadian cities, it is growing daily and it offers plenty of opportunities in all directions. Firstly, it holds urban neighborhoods as well as small and cozy towns. More importantly, places that have both. This means you can choose whatever you like when it comes to the neighborhood you’ll live in. And such an environment is the best to raise your family in.

Aerial view of Vancouver city
An urban place and a small town at the same time. What more do you need?

Also, you won’t have a problem finding affordable housing in the area because prices are currently at an all-time low. On the other side, you’ll find this place a bit more sport’s-oriented. Vancouver is known for the rich skiing, snowboarding, and hiking scene. And of course, this wouldn’t be such a great place without the marvelous cuisine and cafes you’ll find within the city center. You should check this one as soon as you can. It will be in your top five for sure.

Straight to Oakville

We have no time to lose here. Therefore, let us visit Oakville, Ontario next. Another amazing place to raise your children in. It is right next to Hamilton and Toronto which opens up some great job opportunities. And you are probably wondering why we haven’t placed those two on the list? Simply because they have a bit of everything but such big cities are often more expensive for families with kids. It is far better to move to a more affordable and a bit quieter neighborhood, only 30 minutes away from a big city. Therefore, you should take a closer look at Oakville and its cozy neighborhoods. Housing is affordable, schools great, job opportunities fair, and the most important aspect is the peace and quiet you’ll get. All in all, a bit of everything.

And now to Calgary, another among the best Canadian cities for families

The last stop on this journey is at Calgary, Alberta. This city is right next to Ottawa when it comes to job and educational opportunities. In some aspects even better. For example, it is on the very top as the city with the highest income per household in the country. And when it comes to the schooling opportunities, it might not be an educational center but it has the University of Calgary. And there is no person considering going to one that never heard of this university.

Peace bridge in Calgary
Once you stand on the Peace Bridge, you will fall in love with the positive energies of Calgary city.

On top of it all, Calgary excels with nature, history, and art. Hence, who wouldn’t want their kids growing up in such an environment. And when they are a bit older, they will enjoy all the festivities this city has to offer. It boasts many festivals, rich nightlife, and amazing cuisine. All one family needs. Check this one out and help it grow even further. Become a part of Canada by moving to this incredible place.

This is it, a simple guide on the best Canadian cities for families. If you find one of the cities we mentioned interesting and, on your list, browse online for further info. We summarized the most important parts, but if you are strongly considering moving to one of these cities, then you should crunch your numbers further and prepare your budget adequately. Hopefully, you’ll find your place in Canada and begin a new chapter in your life. Good luck!