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Benefits of Using a Van For Your House Move

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a mover standing by the van

You have been thinking about moving. Finally, you have decided that you will in fact move. Now it comes to the more technical part of the move. Moreover, this part includes things like moving location, moving companies, storage and packing options, pros and cons of some options for the move, and things alike. No matter how you choose to move. Whether it is that you hire a professional and reputable moving company like Number 1 Van Lines Hamilton Ontario or that you decide to expedite the move by yourself. There are a lot of benefits of using a van for your house move. You can save a lot of time and money if you choose to use a van as the main means of transportation for the move. However, you have to plan well and be organized for the move. By doing this you will get the most out of your move. Not only that but planning and organizing will ensure a smooth moving experience.

Hamilton movers

If you do not know already Hamilton is a charming city that lies on the banks of Lake Ontario. Because it is a port city it has a lot of job opportunities and a population of around 750,000 people. Whether you are moving locally or internationally choosing Hamilton as your destination will certainly not be a wrong decision for anyone. Of course, hiring Number 1 Van Lines will make the moving process easier due to the years of experience the workers have. The city has a lot of fun activities and interesting landmarks that will spark interest within everyone, no matter the age.

A young couple reading about the benefits of using a van for your house move
A young couple reading about the benefits of using a van for your house move.

Some of the famous landmarks and attractions in Hamilton, Ontario are:

  • Dundurn Castle – is a villa built in the Italian style sometime in the 1830s on the beautiful and quiet flat land of Burlington Heights.
  • St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church – located in the heart of Hamilton, ON is on the list of National Historic Sites in Canada. The building was designed by a popular architect named William Thomas. He designed it in the style of the Gothic revival.
  • African Lion Safari – is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Hamilton. It is open from May to September and it really is an unforgettable experience. Moreover, this safari is home to elephants, lions, giraffes, and many more exotic animals. Which makes it a great weekend activity for the whole family.

What are the benefits of using a van for your house move?

There are many benefits of using a van for your house move. Firstly, it saves you a lot of money. Because renting a moving van is much cheaper than renting a moving truck. No matter if you rent it by yourself or if you hire a moving company. Moreover, moving companies usually have a different price based on what you choose as the means of transportation for the move. For example, local movers Hamilton can easily move your items with a van because the distance of the move is not that long.

A man putting the cardboard boxes inside the moving van
Make sure to use most of the space in your van.

Secondly, the time of the move. If you use a van for the move you will save a lot of time. How? Well using a van for your house move means that it can go faster than a truck would go. Especially, if the move is short-distance also known as a local move. Just make sure to have experienced people who will load and quickly unload the van. Moreover, if you are unsure that you can do it by yourself, hiring a professional moving company is a must.

Using a van for a long-distance move

Even though people usually use trucks for long-distance moves. It is becoming more common to combine the two ways of transportation for long distance moves. By doing this you can pack larger items in the moving truck. For instance, things like a sofa, closet, dining table, armchairs, beds, and things alike. Moreover, after you pack your large items in the truck you can pack smaller items in the moving van. For instance, tableware, clothes, sanitary products, mattresses, household electronics, and alike. However, make sure that you pack your fragile stuff with care in order for them not to break during the move.

If you are feeling unsure about the move and if you do not have a plan followed with good organization. It is best to hire a professional moving company. There are many long distance moving companies Hamilton that will make sure that your move goes by as safely as possible. On that note, make sure to tell the moving company that you prefer a combined way of transportation. This will save you both time and money.

Problems with moving furniture

Moving furniture might be one of the most challenging tasks for moving companies. Owing to the fact that you have to move usually a large piece of furniture from the house to the van and again int the new house. Furthermore, the employees of the moving company have to do all this without damaging the furniture. However, furniture movers Hamilton are very experienced with moving the furniture. Hiring professionals to move your furniture would be a very wise idea.

Two men moving a sofa before using a van for your house move
Hiring professional movers will ensure the safety of your furniture.

On the other hand, if you choose to move your furniture by yourself, make sure to check if it can be dismantled. Usually, the legs of a chair or a table are screwed to the top part of each. Removing the legs during transport can help with packing the furniture into the moving van. Moreover, make sure that you wrap fragile items made from glass and similar materials with bubble wrap. Ding this will ensure the safety of your items during the moving process.

Packing for the move

Beside the actual transportation from your last home to the new one, the most important part of the move is planning and packing. Making sure that everything is properly packed and ready for the move can save you a lot of time and stress during the moving process. It is important to learn how to secure fragile items before you move with a van. In order to pack properly, you need to make a well-structured packing plan. Moreover, one of the most important things about planning and packing is the start. You need to start making your plan well in advance.

An optimal time to start would be a month before the move itself. By doing this you will have enough time to decide what will you bring with you, and what will you donate. Moreover, if you have things you are undecisive about and they do not have a place in your new home, renting a storage facility might be the best option. To pack these items you can get moving boxes Hamilton Ontario. They are sturdy enough and will help you keep your items organized.

Another great tip for packing is to pack by the room. Doing this will make the unpacking process much faster. Moreover, do not forget to write the name of the room on each and every box. Due to the fact that you can unintentionally misplace them while packing. Labeling the boxes has proved to be one of the essential things of the move. Many satisfied customers of the moving companies have agreed on this, as well as the workers. Therefore, do not forget to label your boxes if you want to have a smooth moving experience. 

A box with a label "fragile"
Do not forget to label the boxes if you want to ensure the safety of the items inside.

Commercial movers in Hamilton

As already mention Hamilton is an industrialized city with many commercial companies. Being a city that has a port it is only natural that the business companies will only get bigger. Moreover, when they do get bigger the office space may become significantly lower for the needs of the company. If this is the case next logical thing for any company is to move to a new location. This new location should offer enough space for the business.

Moving a company is not an easy task. Therefore, hiring professionals for the move is a must. However, being a busy city it can be hard to choose commercial movers Hamilton. You should look for a moving company that has good reviews. Because there is no better way to understand how a company conducts its affairs than from the honest reviews provided by the customers. If the company has bad reviews you should definitely consider other options.

mover sitting in the back of a van
Professionals can help you prepare your items before moving them with a van.

Moreover, you should find a moving company that will best fit your needs. If you have a small office space you will only need a van, not a big moving truck. So make sure that you know what services you require and then it will be easy to look for them. Many moving companies offer free quote estimates. This means that you will have an estimated cost of the move together with all services you require for the move. Having this in mind it will be easy for you to organize your company’s expenses and manage its finances.

Things to do on a moving day

Whether you are using a van for your house move or a truck when the moving day comes you must be prepared. Even though you made a plan and organized everything, there are some things to double-check on moving day. You should check if everything is packed and sealed. Moreover, you should make sure to pack a bag for your essentials. Make sure that this bag is always accessible to you during the moving process. You should pack your hygiene products, a spear set of clothes, drinks, and food. Moreover, you should pack your small electronics and chargers. As well as all the documents you might need during the move from your ID to the lease to your new house or a document of ownership. Of course, it depends on whether you bought the house or if you are a tenant.

Unpacking after the move

Unpacking can be quite a boring process. However, it is essential for any move, commercial or household. One of the best pieces of advice you can take is to unpack as soon as possible. The more you prolong the unpacking process the messier it will become. Therefore you should unpack the boxes as soon as you get into your new home. Moreover, as you carry your boxes from the moving van into your house place them in their designated rooms. Labeling the boxes comes in handy because for this. Because first, you will put boxes in the rooms and later you can come back to each room and unpack. Knowing that all the stuff for that particular room is there. Hence, this will take a lot of stress off your plate after the move.

parents pushing a kid in the moving box
Packing and unpacking will become a happy process if you label your boxes properly.

Make sure to save carefully open your boxes. By doing this you can use them later for your needs, or you can donate them. What is more, if you used boxes from the moving company it is wise to return them. Because they will come in handy for the next customers, in the same way they came in handy for you. Moreover, if the boxes are damaged beyond repair during the unpacking process, paper recycling will come in handy. By recycling, we save the environment plus it will be made into a new box that will be perfectly usable.


There are many benefits of using a van for your house move. However, using a van for your house move will prove effective, safe, and reliable if you follow all of the other tips and instructions mentioned above. After all, moving is a complicated process where many things could go wrong in a blink of a second. Being well prepared and organized can prove helpful if it comes to such unexpected situations. Finally, it is always better to hire a professional moving company, after all, they have more experience. For example, choosing someone like Number 1 Van Lines in Canada for your Hamilton relocation will guarantee you a fresh, happy, and stress-free start in your new home. Whichever option you choose, good luck with the move!