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Benefits of moving to Oshawa

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Every move has its pro and cons. But sometimes pros can overrule and they should be the things that you should focus on. Moving to Oshawa has become a trend nowadays. It is a very popular medium-sized city that has a lot to offer. Of course, everything depends on your tastes. If you like ‘smaller’ cities, then you should definitely check Oshawa out. You will have to find proper movers Oshawa that will get you there and after that, you can see for yourself. We assure you that you will like this city and that you will be comfortable staying there. At least for some time!

What are the benefits of moving to Oshawa?

  • Reasonable prices of real estate
  • Good economy
  • Proximity to GTA
  • Excellent education
  • Great source of free time activities
stock market - moving to Oshawa
You will be pleased that the economy is great is Oshawa

Reasonable prices of real estate

One of the greatest pros of relocating to Oshawa is the price of real estate. Housing is usually very expensive and there are not that many ways on how to get it. On the other hand, housing in Oshawa is reasonably priced and you can find anything that you need. Of course, you will have to find a real estate agent to help you do that but the bottom line is that you have more free will to choose between several different things. When we compare this benefit with the prices that we hear all day on TV, it is not bad…

Good economy

The real strength of every city lies in its economy. Even though this city is not that known across the world, it is one of the biggest economies in Ontario. For example, the headquarters of General Motors is located in this city and that is enough to understand how many things Oshawa offers. Besides this fact, there are a lot of other opportunities. You can easily invest without having too many doubts that it will fail. Oshawa is fresh and new economy that still develops. This is your chance to relocate to Oshawa and make your move!

If you are in for education, you will find one!

Proximity to GTA

Oshawa is a city with about 170.000 residents. That means that there is enough room for freedom and some quiet time. But if you want to have a little fun outside of Oshawa, you can. The good thing about this city is that it is very close to the Greater Toronto Area. We all know that this is one of the most visited and appreciated parts of Canada so you have the freedom to enjoy and explore.

On the other hand, you can even get a job here. We all know that the market is much bigger so you can easily find a job there without having doubts due to the fact that you live in a different city. In order to find a job after moving to Ontario, you should use internet to browse, join different groups that can help you. All in all, finding a job in GTA is pretty much easy!

Excellent education

Education is very important nowadays, especially if you want to have a lot of opportunities later in life. The good thing about moving to Oshawa is that there are excellent education choices that you can find. Even though Oshawa is a medium-sized city, there are numerous opportunities that you can choose from and pick the best career. Of course, if you are moving with kids, this is a perfect choice since they will not be forced to go to another city. They can choose Oshawa as a primary education center and still have stability during this time of life.

Great source of free time activities

We live in a busy world and there is less time for free time. But we all know how important it is because it gives you the ability to cool down and get energy for new victories. The great thing about relocating to Oshawa is that you will have a chance to do just that. You will have a chance to choose between numerous parks where you can sit and read a book in peace. On the other hand, there are great beaches for you if you choose to spend your time in Lake Ontario. We are all different and we find differents things calming. But as we have said, the great thing about Oshawa is that it offers plenty of free time activities that you can enjoy and relax.

lake ontario
A lot of free time activities that you can enjoy

Moving to Oshawa – best ways to do it

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why you should check Oshawa out. We are deeply convinced that you will make the right move and relocate. But that sounds easier than it is. There are a lot of different things that you need to consider before getting on the road. How long does it take to plan a move to Ontario and when is the best time to start? Well, the best time to start is a few weeks before the scheduled date. This will give you time to think about everything and make all the necessary arrangements.

One of the most important aspects of every relocation is the moving company. You should take your time and not rush this decision. Everything depends on their ability to make the relocation as smooth as possible. Besides picking the Number 1 Van Lines, you should talk about all your needs and ask any questions that you may have. After all, moving is not an easy task and you want everything to go perfectly.


When we take everything into consideration, moving to Oshawa is a perfect choice. It is most suited for people that want new opportunities and possibilities. You will have the chance to choose and find the best solutions for what you are looking for. Everything is well balanced here and you will certainly have a lot of chances to see that for yourself. We wish you a nice relocation and a magnificent life in Oshawa, Ontario!