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Benefits of moving to Barrie

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It’s not a myth, and it’s not false information. It’s a fact. People are actually getting out of the city and moving into Barrie. More and more city dwellers are saying ‘sayonara’ to the ever-increasing housing prices of the GTA and they are heading north. To a place that fits all their needs perfectly. The City of Barrie has been one of the recently booming cities in Canada. Just by its location, it offers easier traveling. And, at the same time, it provides very graceful and extremely peaceful surroundings and various entertaining activities. It maintains the charming feel of a small town with a rich heritage. After our Barrie movers relocate you here, expect to see beautiful downtown and many modern conveniences. Here are the benefits of moving to Barrie.

Here are the top reasons why moving to Barrie, Ontario is such a great investment

Lower Cost of Living

How come living in Barrie, Ontario is so much less expensive? For starters, you’ll find that your car insurance rates will go way down. Most insurance companies base their rates on statistical information for geographical areas. Which basically means, the more crowded and urban an area is, the more expensive it will be to own a car there.

Pleasant surprises include lower gas prices, lower mark-ups for items in the grocery store, and let’s not forget about the drastically lower housing costs.

So if you are moving to Barrie, Ontario, this problem goes away. Just from hiring furniture movers Ontario alone, your insurance broker will be able to offer you a significantly lower rate. Plus, if you’re also living in Barrie but taking the GO Train into Toronto for work, then you’ll be using your car even less. Which will in return, save you more money!

Amenities You Just Can’t Get in Toronto

A lot of people love to call Toronto a world-class city, and, it is. But, what it has in urban amenities, it lacks on the greener side of things.
That’s where leaving Toronto to live in Barrie wins. Because not only does it have all the mesmerizing natural wonders you’d want it to have, but it has all the urban comforts you need as well. The best of these amenities are in Barrie’s downtown core, on the well-known Dunlop Street.

  • This legendary street features gourmet restaurants and cafés, trendy bars and breweries, and a buzzing nightclub scene. You could spend every weekend bar hopping, and still end up finding something new in a year. Barrie is quaint but accessible, traditional yet vibrant. We believe it is a town where adventure and sophistication collide. Which is a spectacular place to live?
  • Beyond that, you can also find the best of cottage country living in Barrie. The biggest geographical feature you will see after moving long-distance to Barrie is the beautiful Lake Simcoe. Even if you were to skip all the other natural attractions in the Barrie area, Lake Simcoe could provide you with all the summer fun you would ever need.
Man in a kayak enjoying after moving to Barrie
On Lake Simcoe, you can rent kayaks and canoes, and go exploring. You can cruise around on a boat or sea-doo if you’re so inclined.

Keeping City Life without the City Price Tag

The primary reason most people are moving to Barrie is that the cost of housing is a lot cheaper. In fact, if you consider its size and proximity to Toronto, it’s astonishingly affordable. In case you’re living in Urban North, you have easy access to the Barrie South GO Station. Which is something that can reduce your car costs significantly?

Healthy Economy

Barrie has a highly developing growth rate in Ontario. It boasts of a thriving economy and you will be pleased to know that unemployment rates are going down. Why is moving to Barrie so beneficial? It offers quick access to Toronto all the while leaving you an option to work comfortably while living in Barrie. If you are considering relocating to Barrie, then you should do it in the shortest time possible. Residing in Barrie has various other benefits, for example, one of them is that your money is going to be safely invested.

Moving to Barrie means living in a town with a low crime rate

We assume safety is highly important to both you and your family. And you can expect that in Barrie. Because according to the Canada statistics, it ranks as being one of the safest places in the country and has been able to hold that position for some time now. It is an astoundingly secure place where you can relax and live with your family without having to worry about your security.

Activities to enjoy after moving to Barrie

  1. You can easily do anything you want in Barrie. Do you enjoy snowboarding? There is no shortage of ski resorts options here! Good news, the Horseshoe valley is located just a few minutes away. The city is strategically situated to enable you easily access trips to Mount St. Louis Moonstone or the Blue Mountain. If you are keen on almost any type of outdoor winter activities, then Barrie is an amazing city hub for this. It will allow you to reach some of the best resorts located in Southern Ontario.
  2. The fun does not just end with winter since Barrie can offer a lot of astounding summer activities. The beaches in the city such as Centennial Park are as popular and lively as anything you would find in Wasaga. Come visit and the experience will leave you wishing that summer season does not end. For any of you boat riders reading this, there is constantly a good number of boat launches which you can use in sightseeing of the Lake Simcoe. If exciting outdoor opportunities and natural landscapes are a big factor in deciding where to live, then Barrie should be the ripest place for you.

Easily accessible

Barrie is very accessible. It is close to everything if we may say. It does not matter where you will be moving to in Barrie, it will only take approximately 10 minutes to drive to the highway. Barrie has a truly remarkable strategic location which enables you to reach most of the popular communities in a short period of time.

A car
While you’ll probably still want a car to run errands and transport the family around – you won’t need to use it to commute to work every day.

Access To Healthcare after moving to Barrie

  • Apart from the Royal Victorian Hospital (RVC), there are other four Barrie Medical Clinics that offer medical and dental care for individuals in need of medical care and they don’t have a family doctor.
  • Generally, there are several healthcare organizations situated in Barrie and its surroundings.
  • Whether considering a sound investment, recreation activities, good health facilities, or a safe environment where you can live and raise your family comfortably, we truly believe Barrie is the right place for you. It offers everything you need at your disposal.