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Belongings you should personally transport

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    girl packing a moving box

    When moving, you might think you’re set for all of your items and that your movers will take care of them. But the truth of the matter is that some of your items are safer in a car with you! At Number 1 Van Lines we’d like to present a list of belongings you should personally transport. This is all in the interest that your items stay safe, be they in your car with you or in the moving trucks.

    A couple packing belongings you should personally transport
    Some things are not safe in moving trucks.

    Things that can’t go in the moving truck

    Most of the items we recommend you transport by yourself are things that can harm your other belongings. We will be going into detail on that later. But another thing to consider while moving is if there are some valuables that could be damaged by the moving truck. Unless orderly packed, glass and porcelain, should travel with you. The same goes for paintings and statues. We wouldn’t want your valuables to get damaged! If you don’t feel comfortable transporting really expensive pieces on your own, be sure to check out our specialized moving services.

    Even some jewelry you hold dear would feel better if you take it with you. Smaller items such as these can get misplaced or fumbled around the truck. But the good thing is they are always small and won’t make a crowd in your car!


    Chemicals are something we always recommend taking with you. Only imagine if your toilet cleaner ended up staining your favorite wooden table. That’s a disaster! Even when taking chemicals with you, you will need to stay careful. Package them in no-spill plastic bags and give them loads of room. If anything is pressing against the bottles, they could start leaking.

    A good way to avoid the whole situation is to stop bulk buying in advance! Just use up what you have and buy new chemicals for your new home.

    A picture of cleaning chemicals
    If you’re not in the mood to transport your cleaning detergents, gift them to your neighbors!


    The next thing on our list of belongings you should personally transport is flammables! Although it sounds almost impossible that a moving truck could activate something flammable, you just can’t know what will happen on the road. Life can be unpredictable, but you can keep your items safe by simply moving anything flammable by yourself.

    This includes gasoline, fireworks, lighter fluid, and even batteries!


    What are perishables? Basically, perishables are things that can go bad. Any leftover food you should carry by yourself. There can be accidental spilling that causes damage. If you’re going through a long-distance moving process, we recommend donating your food to those in need. There is a high chance of food going bad in a heated car if it stays there for a long time.

    Important documents

    There is nothing worse than not being able to locate a document you need. We recommend carrying your documents by your side at all times. A cute file holder could be a good way to achieve this!

    We hope you have a wonderful move and a new beginning.