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Band practices in storage units – is it possible?

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    A man practicing with his band

    Band practices are very important in the life of each aspiring musician. Still, the prices of renting a rehearsal space can be very hight. That’s why many are wondering is it possible to have band practices in storage units. The simple answer will be yes. While it can be a great place for musicians to gather and jam, but it’s not so simple. There are a lot of things to consider when renting a storage unit for these purposes.

    Does music friendly storage units even exist?

    It isn’t uncommon for bands to rent a storage unit for their band practices. In fact, there are some storage spaces that have no problem with music rehearsals of their renters. It is good news that there are music friendly storage units out there. The problem is that finding one is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. While it may be a hard quest, it certainly not the impossible one.

    You just need to know where to look and who to ask. For instance, if you live in Oakville, it will be a good idea to ask your local Oakville movers to recommend a facility that allows band practices in storage units. Since they work together with them, they will probably know which storage locations allow the band practices in storage units.

    Some facilities allow band practices in storage units
    It may take some time and effort to find a facility that allows band practices in storage units

    Restrictions on band practices in storage units

    Luckily, some storage facilities allow you to practice music in your rental. Still, if you make a request to turn your storage unit into the jamming venue, you can easily face a rejection letter.

    That is because the storage unit has some restrictions like:

    • Noise ordinances
      While the owner of the storage facility may be into music, the law maybe doesn’t allow him to rent you a storage unit for band practices. Some storage facilities are bound by local noise ordinance laws which prevent them from being able to host musicians in their space.
    • Lack of power
      Many storage units don’t have power outlets and access to electricity. Practicing without musical equipment isn’t very efficient unless you’re Acapella band.
    • Limited access
      The facilities that aren’t working 24/7 aren’t good places for band practices. Limited access to the unit may be a big deterrent for bands. Especially if the band members have day jobs.

    Illegal activities
    Storage facilities often don’t want to risk some illegal activity happening on their premises. That’s why they may opt to forbid band rehearsals in their storage units to cut down on activities like underage drinking, drug use and storing restricted items in the storage unit. While this is the unfair stereotyping, they have the power to determine the rules in their facility.

    There maybe a law that's stopping you to find a storage unit for band practice
    Local noise ordinance laws could be a reason why you can’t rent a storage unit for band practice.

    How to find a facility that allows band practices in storage units?

    Most of the time, in order to see if the storage facility allows band practices in storage units you will have to contact it directly.

    Finding such a storage unit will be a bit tricky if you’re using the internet because the laws and restrictions can vary from state to state. Also, the internet search will give you the list of the most prominent storage facilities that may not even be in your area.

    Once again, you should ask experts to help like Ancaster movers if you’re from that area, or from a  reliable moving company in your city. Since many people are in the need for the storage space when they move, the moving companies and storage facilities work closely together. That way the movers have the insight what is allowed and what isn’t in the storage units and they can give you the recommendation for the music-friendly storage location.

    To make sure that the storage unit allows bands to practice on the premises, always call directly the storage location that interests you.

    Women holding smartphone
    The local manager will explain the storage unit restrictions and regulation about the local noise ordinances and access hours.

    Tips for renting a storage unit for band practices

    • Always opt for the climate controlled unit
      The musical equipment is very sensitive to the weather changes. Extreme heat or freezing temperatures can cause a lot of damage to your instruments. That is why renting a climate controlled unit crucial. Also, it won’t only protect your gear from the elements than the musicians as well. It is much more satisfying to jam in the space with pleasant temperature than to sweet during the summer or play guitar when you don’t feel your fingers due to the cold. Besides the obvious benefits of the climate controlled storage units, they also keep your stored items from humidity.
    • Obey the rules
      The rules have to be clear to you before you even rent the space. If there is a time restriction for playing music, you should really obey them. Also, make sure that every band member understands the consequences of breaking the rules of the storage facility.
    • Make sure that is affordable
      Add the numbers and make sure the rental fee is affordable for the band. If you don’t pay the monthly rent that can make your musical equipment held hostage until you do. The worst case scenario is that the storage unit will be put on the auction which will cause you to lose all the content of your storage unit.
    • Review the company’s security features
      If you are planning to keep the band’s musical equipment in the storage unit when not rehearsing you need to be sure that it will be at the safe place. So before renting the storage unit, so pay attention to the security measures that the facility provides. Installing additional security alarm or video surveillance to your unit will reduce the risk of theft even further.