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Use these 6 ways for easy junk removal in Ottawa

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    Use these 6 ways for easy junk removal in Ottawa

    Whether you’re moving, shifting apartments or trying to declutter your home, coming up with ways to sell or dispose off all the unwanted stuff can be tiring. Simply disposing everything off is not always the best solution. There are plenty of ways for junk removal in Ottawa including both offline, traditional ways and online on the internet.

    Let’s have a look at 6 such ways for easy junk removal yourself:

    person selling unwanted things in a garage sale
    junk removal ottawa

    1. Garage sale: Garage sale is the best option if you’re attempting to sell all the stuff yourself since there’s no advertisements or any complicated stages involved that can eat up your time. You don’t even have to think about the logistics related stuff since you’ll be directly selling your stuff to people at a discounted rate.

    Try not to focus too much on profits here since your main aim in a garage sale is to declutter and sell off your stuff quickly. Focusing only on profits will take up a lot of time to sell everything and only make the process longer for you.

    2. Sell on online market places: Selling your stuff online on popular market places like Facebook, craigslist and eBay is a great option since you have a lot of people active in these market places, so you’ll be able to sell your stuff quickly. Just make sure to be cautious because a lot of these market places are unsupervised. Always verify buyers and payment before actually sending your stuff across.

    3. Estate sale: If you’ve got some valuable items that you no longer need and you don’t quite have the time to sell manually, an estate sell can be the right option for you. They’ll take care of everything for you with just a certain percentage of commission and you can save a lot of time and energy for yourself.

    4. Donate to a church: You can visit your local churches and donate your usable items there. People in churches and local community centre always welcome and appreciate your donations and it’s a good way to get rid of your unused stuff while also serving others.

    5. Ask your friends: When you’re planning to get rid off all the stuff that you need, be sure to ask your friends and family if anything can be useful to anyone.

    6. Junk Removal Company: Another easy way for junk removal is to hire a service agency that can take care of everything for you. They’ll help you dispose off your unwanted and unused items at a certain cost and you won’t have to worry about a thing in the process.

    Just make the effort to find a trusted junk removal company and you’re good to go, the entire process will be taken care of.

    woman donating to old age homes
    junk removals ottawa


    These are some of the ways you could use for junk removal in Ottawa. You can start by selling everything off online and give off what’s left to friends and family or as donation in the churches. Try using some of these optionssimultaneously and you’ll be able to get rid of your stuff in no time.

    Last-minute Moving Services by Movers Saskatoon

    As stated by Mike McCready, “ There’s no time for regrets. You’ve just got to keep moving forward”. We understand your need for last-minute moving services, and we have expertise, and plans that will best suit you. Let’s be honest, as you are reading this we are assuming you don’t have a lot of time in your hands to spare, to search through, and pick the best moving company by checking tons of sites for appropriate services, and rates. You don’t have to spend your brain cells pondering over all that as we have got you covered! At number 1 movers in Canada, our only wish is to make it easy for you, by doing everything possible to get your belongings in time to your new location. This is the sole reason we built our last-minute moving service, and devised simple steps to get it done without the extra stress that accompanies it. We are absolutely fine with same day, next day or emergency moving of your things, if that is what you need. Our approach is straightforward, no hidden loops for you to be worried about later. Simply getting work done is what we believe in, while keeping a transparent outlook of our work.

    Picture of a clock, and money around it
    We believe time is money, and without further delay you should hire a moving company that can do last-minute relocation for you


    Reliable, short-notice, inexpensive last-minute moving services-

    When we speak of last-minute moving requirements, we want you to consider Saskatoonmoversfor your short-notice relocation needs. We can provide you with same day or next day moving services as you require them. No matter what the circumstances, or challenges we will face everything head-on. We have twenty-two years of experience in the relocation field, and we are the highly-ranked, and highly-rated, moving services in Canada.

    We are the best at tackling special requirements that need to be fulfilled right away. You can trust the work ethic of our trained, and experienced professionals as they can get any type of moving done as soon as possible.

    Many companies provide same day or next day moving services, but they do so at a whopping high fees. Unlike others in the business, we know that emergency needs are difficult to handle, and to top that with a high price is not in the favour of the customer. At our companynumber 1 movers, we first provide you with a free quoteservice on our website, which you can fill out, and check.


    A blackboard that reads Problem, which is cancelled out, and below that is written solution
    When faced with a challenge during relocation, getting the help of professional movers is the best choice you can ever make

    We as a thriving moving business believe that every problem has a solution if you look clearly. We are that problem solving team for you, to handle all the stressful challenges, and give you a hassle-free relocating experience with our services

    Commercial/Office moving services by Movers Saskatoon

    “Success seems to be connected with action, successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit”.

    -Conrad Hilton

    The aforementioned lines perfectly encompass how we like to get your stuff reach its new location for the success of your work! Just like you, we have a professional approach towards our commercial space, and understand how important it is to have a productive moving, so that you can settle in your new office, and start working as soon as possible. Every working person’s office/commercial belongings are their tools for success. To help you relocate your office, or commercial place, we at number 1 movers in Canada, have the best solutions. We are the prime example of professionalism meets reliability! Likewise, as you would want to deliver the best services, or products to your customers, we believe in doing our moving job so well that you don’t have to worry tad bit about your belongings. Hiring specialistSaskatoon movers like us means you have already cleared up half of your moving worry from your mind. With work to do, it is impossible for employees/owners to get their office, and commercial moving done all by themselves. Not just that, but is extremely hard when you don’t have the right equipment, plan of action, and experience for it.

    Picture of an office conference room
    Commercial relocation needs a professional moving approach


    Make your office/commercial relocation fun with our top-rated office moving company. When a relocation is done at the office/commercial space, you will notice that with the new setup comes a new workflow that is needed when there is a stagnant growth in your productivity. Here are some of the other benefits of hiring professional Saskatoon moversfor your office/commercial moving needs:

    • When we work for you, we will get all the furniture, IT equipment, and other office/commercial goods anywhere you want to relocate.
    • Major office move accounts for a lot of stuff to be relocated. Some of this stuff may be- files, documents, boxes, personal computers, desktops, WiFi routers, furniture, batteries, cabinets, conference equipment, office work chairs, desks, and much more.
    • Our services are cost-effective, affordable at their best, and not overpriced at all! If you have a strict budget to stay on, then considering our moving, and packing company is the best option for your moving needs.
    • We have a free quote form you can fill up to get an idea about the quotation of your office/commercial moving need.
    An image of a man working in an office
    You can get your office relocation done with ease when you hire a trusted company for your big move

    The most important thing to consider while relocating your office/commercial space is time. As time is money, it is important that you pack-up quickly from the old office, get everything transported at a good time, and then arrange at your new location swiftly. All this can be achieved will the help of Saskatoon movers! So why wait? Go ahead, and get your free estimate now!

    Helping Senior citizens relocate with our Senior Moving Services- Movers Vancouver

    “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

    -Dale Carnegie

    So what if you are a senior citizen? You still have the right to live a life full of happiness, and experience good change. The above-mentioned lines perfectly guide about how we should approach getting old. Of course moving out, and relocating is one of the best ways to experience some form of transition, and necessary change. Our team of vetted partners who are ready to be there at your service are the best in Canada for senior moving services.

    Senior moving services need to be planned in a manner that resonates utmost compassion, and understanding as much as possible. Ourteam at number 1 movers perform a free,understanding, and comprehensive intake to deeply understand all your moving needs, and offer various solutions keeping every aspect of senior moving experience in mind.Whether you need a small moving service, or a big one- our vetted professionals can be dispatched at your service to get you the most relaxing, yet comfortable, and soothing moving experience.

    Digital art of elderly people enjoying in a room.
    Being a senior citizen should be all about relaxing, and living your life to the fullest at ease, and without the worry of relocating

    Smooth, hassle-free, comfortable, and relaxing relocation services for the Elderly-

    We believe every senior citizen should get the chance to experience a gentle transition while moving, and packing. Just like you have the experience of about life, and many aspects of it, we too have twenty-two years of experience in the moving industry, and other forms of services associated with it.

    We are recognised movers Vancouver, in the delicate art of moving services for senior citizens. When you choose us for your moving needs, you will notice that we are really good with our customer service. Not just that, but we have expertise in the other aspects such as packing, loading, unloading, arranging, and rearranging your belongings so that you don’t have to lift a finger. You can hire the best, and then leave the rest to us.

    We understand how traumatic, and challenging moving can be for senior citizens, and we as a leading moving company in Canada wish to reduce this stress accompanied by relocation. There is nothing more satisfactory, than helping an elderly person in need of our services, and spending our time transporting their valuable, prized possessions.

    A digital art of senior citizens in a park performing various activities
    The best usage of moving expertise is when you get to help the elderly shift their valuable belongings

    We have years of experience in senior moving, and packing of goods. We believe in transparency with our customers, and specially with our senior customers. To make it easier for you, we have a free quote form which you can fill out. By filling up this form you will get a good estimate about the pricing of our moving/packing services.

    Got a Piano? We’ll help you Move it safely- Movers Vancouver

    If there is anything about moving that we know at our finest, then it’s about how bulky, tough, and heavy pianos are to move. We understand it well that pianos are not only delicate, and expensive, but also have some form of sentimental value attached with them. This is why our number one goal at number 1 movers is to protect your piano at all costs, and keep it protected throughout the entire process of moving. It does notwhether you have a spinet, grand upright, upright, grand, baby grand, concert grand or any other type of musical organs or pianos, we can move them all effectively while ensuring they are safe!  Our professional team of trained experts have all the courage, and experience to handle any challenge thrown their way- be it pianos or anything else.

    Thankfully, our vetted professionals at movers Vancouveris extensively trained to tackle piano moving with the best practices, as they have rigorous amount of work experience in large instrument moving, and packing.

    We are more than delighted to help you with your piano relocation to the new place, at a fairly, yet comparatively low price. This gives us an edge over the other moving, and packing businesses in our neighbourhood.

    Picture of a piano among many other things in a room.
    A piano may take up useful space in your room

    Affordable, Trustworthy, Reliable, and Professional Moving Services-

    Apart from other moving services, we are quite famous for our piano moving services. Considering the feedback given by our customers- they find, and describe our piano moving services as excellent, customer-friendly, reliable, helpful, on-time, and cost-effective. We ensure that we will move your piano carefully, and safely for a comparatively low-cost. What you will experience is an unmatched quality work from our team of trained, and experienced movers, and packers. As the best movers Vancouver, we know how much a piano means to you, as we have seen many of our clients be extremely attached with their favourite instrument. We are the renowned choice of piano movers by many great institutions, and brands for their piano moving needs.

    We will take all the stress away from you, by giving you a peace of mind just like you experience when you play/listen to the piano. All the questions raised in your head about piano shifting, loading, and unloading are answered when you hire number 1 movers.

    A graphic digital art of a piano
    Pianos need specialized packing and transportation


    We believe that piano moving is one of the most special requirements in the moving field. You can trust us as we are the best moving company known for special moving needs. You will find a free quote page on our website from where you can get an estimate about the cost of piano moving.

    Gallery & Museum Moving Services by Movers Montreal

    “There is no standing still because time is moving forward.” -Greg Lake

    Your priceless collections, and antiquities need to be managed with care, and respect. Even though museum/gallery artefacts have to stand still at one spot, there may be occasional times when these timeless pieces would need to be moved. The quote mentioned above, perfectly sums up what gallery/museum moving services mean. If you are looking for movers Montreal to get your professional gallery/museum moving done, then you have arrived at the right spot!Seeking, and finalising on a moving company that appropriately understands your highly specialised requirements is a frustrating task. That’s when we come into the picture. As the best movers in Canada for whopping twenty-two years, there is no one better than us to understand all the concerns of your still, gallery/museum world. We at number 1 movers are a team of highly trained, and experienced experts who will make sure your valuable collection is taken care of in the right way. You can consider us as the proven, and professional museum/gallery movers in Canada for over twenty-two years!

    All these years we have transported priceless, and timeless works of art, some ancient artefacts, pieces of some monumental discoveries, and are now readily available to put our expertise to work for your gallery, and museum relocation.

    A woman looking over fine art in a museum
    Museums and galleries need specialized moving services


    Meticulous Safety/Protection at every step-

    As experts in the museum/gallery moving services, we are highly-skilled in loading, unloading, assembling, reassembling, installing, and uninstalling display cases, shelves, modular systems, and much more! With so much experience in the field, we have devised amazing strategies to overcome the long process by developing specialised plans, and executing them well for your detailed, exhibits/pieces.Number 1 movers recognises that a gallery’s/museum’s move can pose a difficult challenge. We understand that your gallery/museum pieces such as fine arts, antiques, rare books, skeleton structures, and other artefactscannot be replaced. That is why we properly treat your belongings with utmost care.Here are some of the ways we treat your valuables-

    • A certified moving team takes care of your belongings for a full-time duration. Our team is certified to get customized moving solutions ready for you. We also do packing, crating, and unloading.
    • We are in constant contact with the museum curator to effectively manage the relocation of your artefacts, and artworks.
    • We have the right equipment to carry your special highly-valued items.
    • Specialized care for fragile items.
    A dinosaur skeleton hanging in a museum
    Fragile items are best handled by expert movers

    As the professional movers Montreal, we treat your priceless artworks, and artefacts with specialised, and customized care/treatment they deserve. There is no one better than us to understand the importance, and value behind these pieces, while also understanding their significance in the industry. That is why we provide an unparalleled attention, and service to you. So trust the best movers in Canada, and leave the rest!

    Trade Show & Exhibition Shipment Services by Movers Montreal

    “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.” -Seth Godin

    Even if you are getting the chills just by thinking about a trade show or exhibition, it might be the best thing to try for your venture. The above-mentioned lines correctly depict what putting up your product/service on the stall at a trade show or exhibition is.As trade shows, and exhibition are the best known way to get themarketing, and promotion done for your products/services. An exhibition, and trade show puts your product out in the open for the world to see. These are great opportunities to generate some revenue, build a strong network by establishing connections, and pay heed to the existing clientele by nurturing those already existing connections. Not just that, but trade shows are extremely enjoyable, and fun!

    The only thing that gets in the way of the exhibitor is the packing, and moving of all these goods, and then the unloading, arrangement, etc. If you are looking formovers Montrealto help you with your exhibition, and trade show moving then look no further! Number 1 movers is a leading moving company in Canada, and has grown exponentially, since the last twenty-two years in the moving business!

    A picture of a trade show
    Trade shows are a great way to build strong connections

    How we assist you with your exhibition/trade show arrangements:

    As much as trade shows are rewarding, they require a lot from you. As movers Montreal, we came to the realization that often times, exhibitors get stressed about the timely transportation of their things(not to forget the quality, and the state of their material after transportation). As a long-running moving company, we know that this type of stress is absolutely preventable, and can be avoided once you hire someone to do the work for you! As the next gen movers we assure you that you don’t have to worry about anything! You will not experience anything such as unnecessary excuses, last-minute charges, time delays, or any bad behaviour from our end.As number 1 movers in Montrea, we guaranteethat all the packing, to setting up runs efficiently, and smoothly, with our hassle-free approach.

    Montreal is a city full of international festivals all through the year. This means there is bigger market for you to tackle while you put up your stall in any trade show, or exhibition. If we haven’t emphasized enough before, these exhibitions/trade shows are all about timelines/deadlines. As it is commonly heard, early bird will get the food, this is what implies to a trade show too! The earlier you arrive, the more time you will have to arrange well, and then interact with the clients.

    A picture of an exhibition
    How you portray your product is what matters in a trade show

    Get your free quote today for all your trade show/exhibition moving needs! It’s not as expensive as you think, rather quite cheap compared to all the stress you have to handle.

    Film & Theatre Production Relocation Services by Movers Toronto

    “Time is a circus, always packing up and moving away.” -Ben Hecht

    The aforementioned lines appropriately suit the film, and theatre industries, as these industries are always on the go! Be it the magnanimous collection of theatrical productions, or the technical equipment of film production, we at number 1 movers can be of your assistance when it comes to moving such large, and expensive quantities of items.You can fully concentrate on making pictures move, while we will help move your production.We arrive with years of expertise in moving, and packing entertainment industry items. We are there to help you behind the scenes! We have moved quite a few movie sets as proud movers Toronto, and helped keeping the productions stay on a budget, and on the planned schedule.

    We also do a lot of stage/set/studio moving. It does not matter what size your place may be, as we have done all of this before with mega mansions, and even small rooms. With our efficient packing services, our team of experts can pack anything ranging from bookshelves, to China cabinets, and much more as and when you require. We professionally pack everything, and we even have storage services to help you temporarily store your production properties.

    A picture of a theatre
    When it comes to theatre production relocation, hiring specialist movers will prove to be beneficial.

    Our way of doing it:

    You know the number one reason why number 1 moversare considered the preferred choice of moving partners is because over the years, we have mastered some of the key skills needed to ensure a successful moving. Our customer service methodology is something we are proud of.Below we have listed out some of the ways we tackle moving-

    • We pack everything with expertise, and then store it like a treasure until you want us to transport it. Then the final step is to achieve a safe transportation, and unloading of all goods.
    • When you are done with filming/shooting a sequence, and then wish to go to the next location, we will pack up everything, and then move everything to its designated place.
    • Our top-rated professional movers then re-arrange everything onto the truck, corresponding it with the size, necessity, and safety needs. Your production properties arrive just like they were used in the last location!
    • Getting the moving of a production company is not a small task. With extremely valuable, one-of-a-kind, and sometimes delicate goods, you want to hire a well-trusted moving company- our moving business is fully insured, accredited, and certified.
    A graphic representation of a film reel, and equipment
    The entertainment industry is one such industry which is constantly on the go

    We are the prime moving company in Canada, our attention to detail, packing services, and safe transportation are what make us one of the best. So why wait, get a zero-cost/free estimate about your film/theatre production moving, by filling out our free quote page request.

    Have A Huge Library & Archive of Papers? We at Movers Toronto will help you relocate it.

    “If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.” -Paulo Coehlo

    Just like the famous quote mentioned above by an even famous writer, moving is a brave transition which affects all your important aspects of life. A library full of books is your ticket to world tour. Of course it’s proper shifting while your moving/relocation phase is absolutely important. It should be done in such a way that all your books, important papers reach the new location in the exact condition as they were packed in.Number 1 movers proudly offer library, and archive moving services, and provide assistance for this complex, and engaging task.Moving a whole library full of books, journals, documents, and papers is not an easy task. These institutions where libraries exist have far too many unique, and special requirements that need to be met with by an extremely professional approach.There is an absolute essentialism with which these tasks need to be executed as moving requires firstly to be understood well.Movers Toronto is acquired with tons of experience, and can bring about the unique needs of library shifting.

    A picture of a library
    Library relocation can be a mind-numbing task

    Our Motive behind Library Relocation:

    There is an unmatched struggle associated with relocating books, papers, documents, and other such assets. We can easily make this tedious, and monotonous task a simple process just for you!

    We have special climate control methods/solutionsfor storage, which in turn can be a great option while considering the relocation of a library or simply some books. One of our biggest assets is our packing services, which will prove to be advantageous for your library moving. We will pack each, and every book you may have, and then help you move them successfully!

    There is a great deal of attention to detail required while keeping library/books moving in mind. Every book needs to be listed out, so that none of them gets lost. We tend to avoid the miscategorization of your documents, books, and important papers. Our extensive organizing skills helps us pay attentionto even the tiniest detail possible, and then execute a successful library moving, where no books, documents, or important papers can be lost. As expert movers, we have loads of experience when it comes to library moving, as we have helped institutions such as schools/colleges, and public libraries around Toronto with their library moving/relocation.

    A woman reading books, and checking other shelves in a library
    Books are priceless pieces of work that always need to be preserved, and kept well

    Our company offers a free quoterequest for you to properly plan your budget for any moving services you need.

    Best Long-distance Moving Tips by Movers Regina

    Moving is an exciting change. It may be a stressful transition sometimes, as there is a lot that needs to be done through which a majority of us have to pass at least a couple of times in our life. There is a lot of wonder that accompanies moving- about the past, the future, what holds, and what doesn’t. The present (which is an ongoinghuge moving process) can often be slowed down by these curiosities that only time can tell about.We may often wonder if we are moving in the right way or not, how our new life at the new place will look like, and much more. While you experience this transition with bittersweet memories, we will take action about all the moving that needs to be done by our extensive services specially curated for you, by our team of experts who make moving seem much less stressful, and make sure this transition is achieved smoothly. Our professionals not only maintain a helpful approach constantly, but also ensure that they understand your requirements, give relatable solutions, and then execute the plan wisely, and effectively.

    We at number 1 movers Canadacan take care of all the long-distance moving drama for you! We are fully insured, experienced, and well equipped.

    Cut-outs of figures, and houses.
    Long-distance moving is the most time-consuming process

    Top six Tips for moving long-distance:

    1. Visit the soon-to-be yours location- This is crucial for you to get accustomed to the place: new means of doing things, arranging for yourself, how to get things done, etc.
    2. Arrange your finances: This is quite an obvious tip, but seriously making sure about how your work will function from the new location is important. Also, to get a free estimate about the whole moving, and packing process, check out our free quote
    3. Don’t hesitate about a good deal:If you really like the services offered by a company then confirm your booking with them right away, as a lot of good companies get booked really fast.
    4. Hire a moving company that is reliable: We at movers Reginaare best known for our reliability. After all, this is the core value a moving company should have.
    : A picture of a board that says 'Welcome to the Future'
    A promising future awaits as you get started on the long-distance journey
    1. Check all your belongings: While we will help you with everything associated to packing, and moving, having a clear picture about what you wish to move, discard, or donate beforehand is always helpful, and saves huge amount of time.
    2. Plan your moving dates in advance: As told earlier, moving companies often get booked really fast, but at our company we also offer last-minute moving services which include: same-day, next-day, and emergency moving services.

    We will be looking forward to assisting you in your long-distance move! Feel free to reach out to us anytime, anywhere!