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A timeline for your upcoming move

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    Reducing stress should be your primary goal when going through the moving process. A way in which you can reach this goal is by making a timeline for your upcoming move. Once you start crossing off the tasks, you will see that you have everything under control. Of course, you can always count on Number 1 Movers for any kind of help. They will be by your side and make your move a smooth process.

    What to do 8 weeks before the move?

    This may seem like there is a lot of time until the moving day comes, but this is not quite true. You need to bear in mind that a great number of tasks should be completed during this time. So, you should organize everything and start sorting things out.

    Mother and daughter packing
    One of the first things you should do is to sort things out and pack the clothes you will need for the next season

    Feel free to pack the items you are going to need for the next season. In addition to this, notify your moving company when you will be relocating. You are going to need some help, especially with bulky items. Luckily, you can always count on the most reliable furniture movers Toronto has to offer.

    Check the timeline for your upcoming move often

    As time goes by, make sure you are not late with completing the tasks. When there are 4 weeks left until your relocation, you should notify your landlord about the move. In addition to this, you should also start closing out utility services at your current place. Let them know your new address if you are relocating locally. In addition to this, you should also check what food you have at your disposal. Avoid buying new grocery items before you eat what you already have. You will surely get to save some money this way.

    Here is what to do a week before your relocation

    These days will surely be quite overwhelming. First of all, you should pack everything that is left. Take special care of the fragile items. In addition to this, you should check all of the documents you are going to need. Make sure you have everything and keep them at hand.

    Paper folders
    Part of the timeline for your upcoming move should be organizing your documents

    In case there is a great number of boxes around you, think about storing some of them. The safest storage in Canada is always at your disposal. Once everything is in a moving truck, it would be nice if you find the time for one last sweep.

    Changing your place of residence is not simple, but it can be made simpler by making a timeline for your upcoming move. We have provided you with some basic guidelines. Feel free to adjust them according to your own needs. Remember to pack an essentials bag on time. This will be quite useful for the first few days in your new home. You will have everything you need at hand at all times.