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A guide to the best locations to open a gym in Canada

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Fitness center in one of the best locations to open a gym in Canada

If you want to become an entrepreneur and launch a gym business somewhere in Canada, but don’t know where yet, cheap movers Hamilton can help you out! Based on their client experience, they know where are the best locations to open a gym in Canada. At the same time, they can also assist with transporting all that heavy gym equipment. To make the decision easier for you, here’s what you need to know when it comes to location and other important factors for your future fitness business.

Some of the best locations to open a gym in Canada are around Toronto

Big cities like Toronto are usually overflowing with all kinds of businesses, including fitness centers and gyms. That’s good for its residents, however, if you’re starting out a business yourself, you might want to have less competition. Therefore, it might be best to look towards smaller cities in the area or Toronto suburbs. Many people moved to these locations in the past decade, so your gym business will have a great target audience! One thing is sure, however – you need to be a little daring to locate the ideal space for your gym. You’ll need to make plenty of important decisions and face uncertainty, but in the end, everything will be worth it.

Toronto by night;
Places around Toronto are some of the best locations to open a gym in Canada.

Fitness fanatics will love working out in Etobicoke

With about 365,143 residents, Etobicoke is one of the most popular destinations in Toronto’s vicinity, and practically its suburb. Most of its residents are sporty and love to exercise in one of Etobicoke’s numerous green areas. That just means you’ll get customers easily, as Etobicoke resident will be excited about the new gym in the city! Also, you won’t need to invest too much in marketing for your new gym. However, if you decide to start your business here, it’s important to consult local movers Etobicoke first. They can help you with moving all the heavy gym equipment and putting it in its proper place.

A woman running in Etobicoke park
Etobicoke has many young active people, so it’s one of the best places in Canada for prospective gym owners.

While choosing the best place to open a gym in Etobicoke, consider the neighborhoods of Kingsview Village, Islington, and Islington City Centre West. There aren’t too many gyms there, so you’ll have less competition to worry about. However, before you pinpoint the exact microlocation for your gym, think about who your customers are. Are they teens, people in their 20s, 30s, or even 40s and 50s? How’ll you do the market research? Try to find out more about the demographics and overall city itself before heading off to buy or rent a place for your gym.

Mississauga is another great city to open a gym business

Even though Etobicoke and Mississauga are next to each other, these two cities have different opportunities and gym cultures. First of all, it’s a city with a population of 828,854, which is almost 2.5 times the size of Etobicoke. That means more opportunities, but also more competition for gyms. On the other hand, not all gyms here are that great, so if you have a distinctive program, you can find your own place in Mississauga. So try to make an impact by providing the residents of Mississauga with a one-of-a-kind gym experience.

A man and woman doing ropes while thinking about the best locations to open a gym in Canada;
Modern gyms include battling ropes.

Before you contact Mississauga moving companies to move your gym business there, you should check out your competition. Start your research on Google Maps, Yelp, or other apps where clients leave their reviews.  Take a look at these gym interiors, read the reviews, and find out what makes them special. Also,  see if you can find out what’s wrong with them or if there is any reason the customers aren’t satisfied. Then, check how well these gyms rank on web browsers. Look at a couple of best-ranked but be careful that they’re not sponsored. After that try making better or improved content than the one that already exists.

Brampton and Burlington are also on the list of great locations to open a gym in Canada

With a population of 183,314 residents, the city of Burlington is not too big, but not small either. As movers Burlington can tell you, this can be of great advantage when you want to open a new gym in the city. First of all, it has great infrastructure, and very accessible in terms of transportation. For future gym owners, it’s important to find a location close to main highways and other major roads. For the exact location, you’ll have to look at google maps to see where all the gyms are and pick the place with the most traffic activity. However, don’t forget to consider parking options as well! Many people tend to overlook this, but if your gym is not close to bus stops or has a big parking, people won’t come.

A man running on a treadmill while thinking about the best locations to open a gym in Canada;
If the best locations to open a gym in Canada have a low cost of living invest the rest of the money into premium quality equipment.

The same things hold true for bigger cities like Brampton as well. This vibrant city with more than 650,000 residents is yet another place where your gym will benefit from good infrastructure and traffic connections. Also, it’s good to know that most of its population are millennials and people willing to lead a healthy lifestyle. Keeping that in mind, and as professional movers Brampton can confirm, many will take advantage of moving their gym business to this city. Finally, this will be a wise financial decision as well, as the cost of living in Brampton is lower in terms of commercial space rent, utilities, and other factors in comparison to places like Toronto.

Hamilton is a great city that attracts the fitness business

Hamilton has a population of about 569,353 residents, and plenty of them are young and into sports. However, despite the size of the city, there are not as many fitness centers as you might expect. If you check the map of local neighborhoods, you’ll see that many of them don’t have gyms or any other fitness centers. One such neighborhood is Rosedale for example. That’s where your gym can take the lead! You could even consult local schools, and see whether they’d be willing to work with your future gym as part of their curriculum. Perhaps you could even enlist your facility in local drop-in programs to attract new clients. Finally, it’d be a good idea to also think about

You won’t make a mistake if you open a gym in Cambridge

If you want to open your gym in Ontario, but a bit further from Greater Toronto Area, Cambridge will be the right location for you. The city of Cambridge has a population of 138,479 inhabitants, and its residents are always looking forward to new venues opening in their city. Therefore, they’d be happy to see you open your gym there as well. Judging by the map of the city, most gyms in Cambridge seem to be around Hespeler Rd. That just means that, like in other cities on this list, main city roads attract the most fitness businesses. 

Two guys in the gym talking about the best locations to open a gym in Canada;
With great marketing and equipment, you’ll build a brand in no time.

If you decide to test your luck and open a gym in Cambridge, you won’t have too much competition. Still, it’d be wise to invest in marketing and having a neon sign or something that’ll make your business visible. After all, you want to position yourself and your business as the main player in the market. Meanwhile, Cambridge movers will show you the way and move you in no time so you can start building right away.

Consider Brantford as one of the potential places for your gym

The city of Brantford is not as well connected to Toronto as some other cities on our list of best locations to open a gym in Canada. Still, it’s not that far either and is well worth exploring and starting a business in. That being said, you might wonder what makes Brantford so special for future gym owners. Again, there aren’t so many high-quality gyms in the area, so you could be the first one to come up with an innovative fitness concept. For example, if you know that there are no boutique gyms in Brantford, you can be the first one to offer this to the customers. With a little bit of marketing and word-of-mouth, your gym will be up and running in no time! While you think of a prospective location, movers Brantford can help you take your things there and set up your new gym. However, make sure to do your research on moving companies you’ll work with, as not all of them are good at carrying premium quality gym equipment up and down the stairs.

Last but not least on our best locations to open a gym in Canada list is Lincoln

Even though the charming city of Lincoln has only 23,787 residents, any Lincoln moving company can confirm gym owners are moving to this city. There are plenty of reasons why this might be a good business idea. It might be because Lincoln lacks famous gym franchises that could drive you out of business.  While locals will spread the word quickly, you might want to use some type of marketing like billboards or local social media groups.

A phone with online marketing written on it and a sunglasses and a mug full of coffee next to it;
Digital marketing is the future of all businesses including the gym.

There is a lot of parking and the cost of living and real estate is low so you can pick the size you like. Competition, as we’ve talked about, isn’t that high so you should think about the prices, coupons, branding, and everything else for your gym to succeed. However, keep in mind that this place is pretty centralized so downtown is probably the safest place to start with your business expansion. 

Things to consider before you decide on investing in the gym business

Your desire to open a gym shows how passionate you are about promoting a healthy lifestyle. However, you’ll need to decide if you’re actually ready to operate a gym by learning about the expenses and difficulties involved. Beyond the initial startup costs, there are additional expenditures associated with starting a business. For example, you’ll need to account for utilities, personnel salaries, equipment, and more. Determine how you want to launch your company—as a sole proprietor or by signing up for a franchise. Also, consider whether you want to open a big-box gym or a more upscale facility.

Being your own boss is the main perk of owning an independent gym. You are free to decide how to manage your company and what its components should be in every respect. This involves deciding on the company name, your target market, who you want to hire, the business’s operating hours, how to decorate the interior, and more. On the other hand, there are many benefits to opening a gym franchise as well. When you buy a franchise, the brand that you would have to create on your own is already established. Customers are drawn to well-known brands, so people frequently opt for well-known brands when choosing what gym to attend. Therefore, one of the main advantages of owning a franchise is brand recognition.

Final thoughts on a guide to the best locations to open a gym in Canada

Hopefully, this guide to the best locations to open a gym in Canada will help you decide where should you invest in fintess industry. Given what you already know about opening a gym, you’re definitely prepared to work on achieving your dream. Just make sure that you do the marketing right, and also pick the right spot in the city by researching other gyms!