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7 creative gift ideas for new homeowners

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Whether your friends have just moved, or you got some new neighbors, chances are you will be invited to a housewarming party. And, since the unwritten rule of the social norm suggests that you ought to bring a gift, it would be wise to start looking for one right away. While some flowers and a pie are nice, we have a bit more creative gift ideas for new homeowners in mind. And we mean ideas that will be fun for you to gift, and pleasant for your friends to receive.

Gift ideas for new homeowners

Apart from showing your affection and creative side, we believe that a good gift ought to be useful as well. After all, moving costs Ontario can be substantial, and new homeowners will be glad to save some money even on the little things. With this in mind, the ideas that we will put forth are both nice and serve a purpose. So, let’s start right away.

  1. A welcoming mat

This is one of those gift ideas for new homeowners that you cannot go wrong with. Every home needs a welcoming mat, and there are some really creative designs out there. Try to find the one that will fit the new homeowners’ style. If you don’t know them that well just yet, we suggest that you go for the safe options that are nice and courteous. If you noticed that they have moved with a certain pet, you can get the mat that has some paw prints or images of that certain species.

A welcoming mat that says 'welcome on board'
A nice welcoming mat can make all the difference.
  1. Metal straws

One of the greener and more elegant ides includes metal straws. They are better for keeping your drink cool and reduce waste. Who wouldn’t want to have them? Make the new homeowners happy with this creative gift. They will last them a long time, keeping you in good memory. If you want to make the gift extra fancy, put the straws in a nice box, and decorate with some packing paper and a ribbon.

  1. Measuring conversion magnet

Anyone who has ever searched Google for some quality recipes has surely had trouble with the measurement conversions. With this in mind, having a measuring conversion table right there on your fridge can be considered a true convenience. So, make the cooking venture of the new homeowners much more pleasant by gifting them a magnet with this useful information. If you cannot find them for purchase, consider investing some time and making them on your own. Simply look the measurements up, print them up on a piece of plastic, and glue a magnet on the other side.

  1. Bath accessory set

These sets are one of those things that always make you want to buy them when you see them but unavoidably forget. By gifting them to the new homeowners, you are sparing them the trouble of forgetting to buy it themselves and making their bathroom much more chic. And, since you are already visiting Bath and Body works, you can get a set for yourself.

A nice looking bathroom
A bath accessory set is one of those creative gift ideas for new homeowners that will surely be greeted with a smile.
  1. Spice rack

This piece will raise any and every kitchen on another level. Especially when the kitchen is brand new and free of redundant items (proven that the homeowners have done their decluttering). A nice wooden rack with glass jars for spices will capture anyone’s eye right away. Besides, it is rather convenient for anyone who loves to experiment with dishes from around the world.

  1. Automatic electric corkscrew

We all have those days when a glass of wine is a must. Such days usually leave us without much strength, both physical and mental. And, driven by the rule that opening a bottle of wine shouldn’t be an arm workout, what better way to go about this ordeal than with an automatic electric corkscrew. Such items can seem a bit excessive, but we strongly disagree. Anything that makes your everyday life even a tad easier is worth considering. And this thing will make the wine opening process all that simpler.

  1. Oil and vinegar set

Having a meal in a restaurant always makes us feel a bit more special. Meal somehow seems nicer, and the overall experience is rather pleasant. Now, if you set aside the fact that someone else is cooking and washing the dishes, there are things that you can include in your home meals. We believe that the items you use can make a big difference in the atmosphere. Now, chances are that nice plates and fancy cutlery are already a part of every household. However, oil and vinegar set is not met that often, but really stand out when you notice them. Make the new homeowners happy with this great idea.

A restaurant meal
Making your meal seem like a restaurant order will make the dish that much more enjoyable.

As you can see, gift ideas for new homeowners can vary greatly, and do not have to be boring at all. Surely enough, you cannot pay for their Ancaster movers, but you can help in making their home a bit more welcoming and livable. Just try to imagine what would make your everyday life more simple and fun, and follow your instinct. If no idea comes to mind, go to the shops that sell items for homes, and see what they offer. More often than not, the ideal gift will find you. Try to think of the style that the people you will be visiting have, and do your best to match it. If all else fails, flowers and a pie are not really that bad. Just try to skip the apples, and make the pie out of some more exotic fruits, and make your gift that more creative.