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5 Things to look for in a long distance moving company

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We all know that half of the relocation process falls onto the moving company. If not even more. Yes, you will cover the legalities, do some things yourself, and search for movers. But they will do the heavy lifting and relocate you safely. But the question is – how to find such a company? You need one that is experienced, affordable, and safe to work with. So, let us help you find one and point out the things to look for in a long distance moving company. Let us begin.

Organize your relocation first

Before you even begin your search for Number 1 Movers in Canada, you must organize the whole deal. Create a moving checklist and work on your moving logistics well before you find movers and give them a call. Start by inspecting the whole environment to ensure it is safe to work in. Then, note down all the furniture and other household items as well. Finally, put on your list all the moving-related tasks and responsibilities. Once you cover everything like a pro, you can begin calculating moving costs and set aside a moving budget. Although, you can’t know the final price before you talk to your movers first. And this is the next step. With the info you gathered, approach your movers and work on the moving details further.

A moving checklist
Create your checklist and use it as a guide to victory.

Where to find movers and what are the things to look for in a long distance moving company

In this day and age and with all the technology available, you can do wonders. Obviously, you will search for your long distance movers Canada online. But you must know what things to look for in a long distance moving company if you want to hire the right one. So, let us begin with the search. Go online and browse for a bit. In a matter of minutes, you’ll find hundreds of well-advertised moving companies. And to fish out the best ones out of that pool, you must compare prices, services and read feedbacks from previous customers. If you already know a company someone referred you to, then even better. A word of mouth is the best option here. But if you do not have this option available, then compare movers across the board and choose the one you like the most.

And when we say like, we do not mean to the appeal of their advertisement or a low price of service. But instead, they must meet all your criteria and possess everything necessary for a safe and successful relocation.

They should be ready for anything

Besides all the Hamilton moving services your movers offer, they must have all the mandatory equipment and knowledge to perform. This means you must inspect your movers and confirm they are legit and have the following:

  • Licenses and permits for work locally and cross-state.
  • Enough knowledge, experience, and expertise.
  • All the equipment and tools required for relocation.
  • Enough manpower assigned to your moving project.
  • Sizeable moving truck.
Movers taking the couch out
Find movers with the knowledge and the tools to do the job right.

Those are only the mandatory requirements. But the most important one is for your movers to be licensed. Without it, you shouldn’t even try. You do not want to do any business with a sketchy moving company. Therefore, stay away from extremely low prices and unrealistic deals.

Safety is one of the things to look for in a long distance moving company

Another among the things to look for in a long distance moving company is the safety aspect of the whole story. Yes, your movers will confirm they are following all the protocols, rules, regulations, and safety standards. But, to confirm this it is best to read moving reviews and obtain feedback from a few previous customers. Do not hold onto one bad review. Read at least 10 and you’ll get the idea. The goal is to figure out how your movers treat their customers and what is the approach they take. Hence, read comments on social media groups and find this out. Safety always comes first.

A free moving quote is a must

All serious and highly-esteemed moving companies offer free onsite estimates. If they try to provide a moving quote online or via the website, you should always reject and ask for an onsite evaluation. Simply because there is no better way to create a moving plan and realize the real state of things. So, your movers should come over and inspect the environment and weigh your cargo. After they are done, you should know how much it will all cost.

Precise moving price is among the things to look for in a long distance moving company
Free onsite estimate will help you calculate your final moving cost.

And from there you can decide whether you want to purchase one of the special services or save some money and pull back. For example, packing services are quite lucrative. Movers will bring moving boxes Hamilton Ontario, pack, and unpack upon demand. It is an affordable way to exclude yourself from the boring packing process and save a lot of time for something else. Think about it and calculate your moving budget accordingly.

Are they offering moving insurance?

Another thing to look out for is moving insurance. There is a basic coverage all moving companies provide which is around 60 cents per pound per item. You would agree that this is nothing when compared to a broken TV or something far more valuable and unique. Therefore, talk to your movers beforehand. Some moving companies offer much better moving insurance deals. Especially if they are experienced and skilled, with all the tools required. An exalted moving company and one that is on the market for decades is sure enough to offer at least 50% reimbursement in cash.

But take this one with the grain of salt because all moving companies have their unique business model. Hence, check this one beforehand, and if you are not satisfied with the outcome, purchase moving insurance from a real insurance company and set your mind at ease. Especially if you possess unique and irreplaceable items with you.

Ok, now you know how to find them and what are the things to look for in a long distance moving company. It is a fairly easy process if you list all the questions down before you give them a call. And be patient when searching for one. Give yourself at least an hour or two and you’ll find a match. Good luck.