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5 Frequently asked questions about long-distance moving

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    It’s stressful to plan a long-distance relocation, and you’re likely to have a lot of questions, especially if this is your first time. While your standard long-distance moving guide (with overly complicated checklists) has its advantages, there are occasions when you just want a few simple yet basic answers. If this describes you, it’s fortunate you came across Number 1 Van Lines: the long-distance movers who understand how to take your critical issues and deliver solutions that genuinely help! We’re here to give answers to five of the most frequently asked questions about long-distance moving!

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    Moving long distances is no easy job.

    5 Frequently asked questions about long-distance moving

    Moving appears simple at first glance. It’s easy to move when you’re young. However, as you get older, you may need to move your whole family long distances. This can raise a lot of questions, and our long distance movers in Canada have the answers. Check out these moving FAQs to prepare for your exciting new adventure.

    1. When is the best time for organizing a long-distance move?

    Moving at any time of the year has its advantages, so picking the optimal time depends on your personal priorities. You can take advantage of your children’s vacation time by moving during the spring and summer. Also, moving when the weather is pleasant can be ideal. Moving in the fall and winter, on the other hand, can be more affordable due to lower off-season prices.

    2. How to pack for a long-distance move?

    Ideally, you’ll hire long distance movers Toronto to pack your possessions. This way, you may rest assured that your possessions are secure at all times. For those who like to do things on their own, it’s a good idea to brush up on some expert packing techniques. For starters, here’s what you’ll need to pack for a long-distance move, along with some helpful hints!

    • Large, medium, and small moving boxes: Packing paper should always be used to fill in any gaps left by overpacking the boxes.
    • Fill openings with paper before covering glassware in bubble wrap or packing peanuts.
    • Packaging tape and labels: Make sure your boxes are properly sealed and labeled so that you can easily locate your things later!
    • Don’t try to carry those huge appliances and furnishings without a moving dolly.

    3. Is there anything I can’t move across the country?

    Yes, there is. Perishables, aerosols, propane cylinders, paints, and more are just some of the prohibited goods you’ll find on your moving company’s list of prohibited items. Moving you in a safe and efficient manner often necessitates removing a few personal things from your home. But you can count on our piano movers Canada to move your big and bulky instruments.

    4. Can my plants and animals be relocated by long-distance movers?

    Keeping your pets or plants with you is the best option. This is because most movers cannot guarantee their safety throughout the move. Be sure to include everything you’ll need for your dogs, such as food, leashes/collars, prescriptions, treats (and a carrier), when relocating with them!

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    This is one of the more frequently asked questions about long-distance moving. Sadly, your pet can’t play in the moving truck.

    5. When should you start planning your move?

    The simple answer is: right now! To read this post, you must already be planning a move—or at least considering one—or you would not be reading it. Sorting and purging your belongings, filling out your address change form, and arranging for your utilities to be transferred are all things you can start doing today, even if you’re using a moving company. You should be able to find your chosen company on the Better Business Bureaus‘ list of approved movers.

    Get in touch with Number 1 Van Lines when you need long-distance movers in Canada who can provide you with a stress-free and cost-effective relocation while addressing all of your queries. If you found the information in these answers to frequently asked questions about long-distance moving to be useful, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for a free moving estimate.