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10 tips on how to store your Christmas decorations

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    Christmas decorations

    By packing fast, you may fail to consider the specific requirements of different Christmas items. Your aim is to put them in storage as fast as possible. So, you can focus on other things. Yes, you can store your Christmas decorations in a rush. But you will probably regret it the next Christmas season. Most of them are fragile and sensitive. By improper packing, you are increasing the chances to break or damage them. So, when you are already paying storage in Canada to preserve your Christmas decor, pack them properly. And use a few simple tricks to keep your decor in a good shape.

    Store your Christmas decorations – Christmas boxes, bulbs, and another décor.
    Pack and store your Christmas décor properly.

    Prepare your decorations for packing

    Before you start packing, it would be good to make a list of your decorations. Also, sort them by type. That will give you a general idea of how many things Number 1 Van Lines will take into storage. Firstly, during the Christmas fever, people are buying a lot of new decorations. Also, some of the decorations may be damaged. Those, you must declutter.

    How to pack and store your Christmas decorations?

    Various types of decoration will need various packing for storage. The proper packing will help you preserve them in good conditions. So, when packing, it is good to follow the list of decorations by type. Here are our 10 proposals on how to store your Christmas decorations.

    How should you pack your Christmas trees and similar things?

    Artificial Christmas trees – They come packed in boxes. If you have saved the original box, use it. If not, bundle the branches upright. After that, wrap the tree in the bubble sheets. Finally, make the improvised cardboard box. Wrap it all with packing tape, and your Christmas tree is nicely packed for storage. You can also use the special storage bags for your Christmas tree.

    Christmas tree stands – they are usually having odd edges. So, make sure to secure those dangerous edges with extra wrapping layers.

    Wreaths – they come in different sizes and shapes. So, it would be best to save their original packing. If not, the best is to use the proper size cardboard boxes, like those for fragile items and mirrors.

    Artificial garlands – they need to be arranged properly for optimal storage. Before wrapping them, remove decorations.

    Packing bulbs and ornaments

    Christmas bulbs – They are usually very fragile. You can use cardboard boxes with separators inside. Before putting them in, wrap them in some soft paper. This way, each one will be packed separately. You can also use plastic packing boxes with leads.

    Ornaments – this is yet another fragile Christmas item. Like bulbs, wrap each one carefully and individually. After that, pack them in the boxes with separators. Such packing could be too difficult for you. If so, you can always hire affordable packing services.

    Storing lights and another decor

    String lights – the best is to wrap them around the plastic, or a cardboard tube. Wrap each string separately. That will reduce the risk of them wrapping around each other. When done, wrap them in the bubble wrapping and fasten with packing tape.

    Porch. and yard décor – the best is to use the original boxes. If you don’t have them anymore, pack them as Christmas trees.

    Tinsel – can easily tangle and bend in storage. So, you must pack them carefully, Also, make sure they are not pressed with some heavy items.

    Glass and ceramic figurines – other types of very fragile Christmas decorations. You also have to pack and store them carefully.

    Grey metal doors and walls inside a climate-controlled storage.
    Climate-controlled units are the best for your Christmas décor.

    Climate-controlled units are the best for your Christmas décor.

    Moving your Christmas decorations to a storage

    Once you complete packing, you may store Christmas decorations in your house. Take care to keep them in dry places. Also, they shouldn’t be overheated or exposed to freezing temperatures. In case you don’t have enough place at home, a storage unit is an excellent solution. However, remember that Christmas decorations require specialized moving. They are fragile, temperature-sensitive, and must be handled like all other fragile items.

    Following our advice, you will pack and store your  Christmas decorations without loss

    Following our advice, you will be able to store your Christmas decorations properly. It is not always easy to find the right containers. However, the presented Christmas decoration storage ideas will help you. The described ways of how to pack and store your decorations can give you some additional ideas too. However, the most important is to pack them safely. And to store them in a climate-controlled place. Only that way, you will preserve them for next Christmas.