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10 things you must ask your Hamilton movers

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    One of the most important things you must do when preparing for a relocation is to hire a moving company. But what happens when you do not have experience in relocation or you have no place to search for some pieces of advice? What questions do you need to ask to make sure that everything will be ready for a smooth and easy relocation? If these are the things that concern you, check out this guide and found out what are the things you must ask your Hamilton movers. After all, you can always contact one of the best moving companies,  Number 1 Van Lines Van Lines, and get answers to all of your questions.

    What are the 10 things you must ask your Hamilton movers?

    You need to be prepared for the relocation. This means that there are some things you must ask your movers. And here are ten of the most important questions to ask long distance movers in Canada in order to have the best moving experience. 

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    Get all the details you need about the company you want to hire.

    Details about the company you want to hire

    If you heard about some moving companies and you are not sure whether they are reputable and reliable you can look for additional information about this company. Of course, most of the great movers have their own website, and you can always contact the company for the information you need.

    Ask about their references

    The best thing you can do is to check the company’s reviews and references. Make sure that when you search for the references, you look for the ones that have both good and bad reviews. This will help you find the best movers in Hamilton Ontario easier. Moreover, by looking thought the reviews you will learn exactly what you can expect from a moving company.

    Get a moving quote

    The best thing you can do is to get a free moving quote. It will help you find out everything you are interested in. By asking for a moving quote you will be one step closer to deciding whether a company is the one you want to hire. You will be able to determine the price and the time estimated for the relocation. There are a few types of estimates and if you are about to move long distance, you should ask long distance movers Hamilton has to get an in-home estimate which is a more accurate estimate.

    One of the things you must ask your Hamilton movers is whether they subcontract their movers

    This is important because you need to know who is moving your items. No matter if you have something valuable or not, you need to be aware of the people who are going to move your items. There are companies that hire seasonal movers to get more help. Make sure you are informed about this.

    Ask for the services you can get

    Moving means that you need to get some moving services. There are all kinds of moving services. You will be able to determine the exact cost of the relocation once you are aware of the services you will get. Ask your Hamilton movers if they are offering packing services, which you might need. Especially if you have some oddly shaped or very valuable items. Most of us are not aware of how to properly pack those items. That is why hiring a professional will be the best decision you can make.

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    Find out what kind of moving services a company offers.

    The possibility of renting storage is one of the things you must ask your movers

    Renting a storage unit has many benefits. You will be able to place all the items you have no room for. There are all sorts of storage units, but the things you must look for in one are:

    1. Good security – This involves alarms, video surveillance, and 27/4 security
    2. Climate control options -The humidity must be at a certain level in order to keep your items safe and protected.

    Moving insurance

    Speaking of valuable items, relocating them can be really tricky. That is why one of the things you must ask your Hamilton movers is whether they have additional insurance. Every reputable and reliable company has insurance. But when it comes to the items that are special and valuable, you can ask for additional insurance. Some of the companies can provide you with this. There are a few common types of insurance that the company can give you. One of them is a released value which covers about 60 cents per pound. This is the standard one. But for the valuable and breakable items, there is full-value insurance that will cover the entire damage that might occur. One thing you must do before getting this insurance is evaluate the goods before you move them.

    Get to know the pricing differences between local and long-distance moves

    When hiring movers to move locally, you usually pay them by the hour. But if you are moving long-distance, the rates will be based on the weight of the items and your final destination. That is why when asking for a moving quote you need to put correct details about your relocation. And while you are dealing with the price of the relocation, you can ask if there are some additional fees. Some of the most common extra charges are, believe it or not if the movers need to go up and down the stairs on a moving day.

    Ask about the delivery date

    Make sure that when you are moving interstate or long-distance that you get information about the delivery date. Both movers and you should make sure that your items get delivered on time that you have agreed on.

    The last thing you must ask your movers is how to contact them during the relocation

    It is important that you know how can you reach your moving company before, during, and even after the move. Make sure you have all the contacts of the moving company, including the phone number and the e-mail. You can even contact the moving company on a moving day. Just to make sure that everything is going the way you have planned.

    movers holding boxes
    One of the things you must ask your Hamilton movers is how to contact them on a moving day.

    Get all of this information in order to have a smooth and easy relocation. All of these things you must ask your Hamilton movers should be on your moving checklist. So in case you have forgotten to ask something, you can always contact the company. It is up to you what kind of moving experience you will have. Good luck.