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10 Cheap and Cheerful Winter Activities in Toronto

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toronto - Winter Activities in Toronto

Winter is coming! Canada is the perfect country to enjoy it. There is a ton of snow and there are various activities you can do to enjoy yourself. Toronto is no exception. It is one of the most visited cities in Canada. It is a megacity and you can expect that it offers a ton of great winter activities. If you have not moved yet but want to enjoy the winter here, you better hurry. You should find good Toronto moving companies as soon as possible and relocate. After that, you can choose some of the best winter activities in Toronto. We would like to present some of them and make your choice a bit easier!

10 great winter activities in Toronto for you to experience!

  • Ice skating at Nathan Phillips Square
  • Aga Khan Museum
  • Hiking at Rouge Park
  • High Park Zoo
  • Grafitti Alley
  • Walking Toronto Downtown
  • Watch a movie at the drive-in
  • Enjoy tobogganing
  • Winterfolk Blues & Roots Festival
  • Enjoy many libraries in Toronto

Ice skating at Nathan Phillips Square

Ice skating is the perfect winter exercise in Toronto for you to explore. Nathan Phillips Square is the perfect choice for this matter. There is no better place to enjoy yourself than here. It is the greatest ice skate park in Toronto and you just have to try it. It is a perfect group activity so be sure to bring someone to share the experience.

ice skating - Winter Activities in Toronto
Ice skating is a must-do in Toronto!

 Aga Khan Museum

Toronto can get quite cold in winter so you may prefer something indoors. One of the best places to visit is the Aga Khan Museum. What is so special about this museum is that you will have the chance to see some 1000-year-old Middle Eastern art. It is certainly worth visiting just because of this fact. If you prefer something new, you will have the chance to see some modern pieces too.

Hiking at Rouge Park

This is not an activity suitable for anyone. And not everyone wants to hike in winter when it is cold. But, if you have an adventuristic spirit, you may reconsider. It is close and you can access it easily. You only have to bring a good mood and warm clothes. However, it is best to go with someone in case something unpredicted happens.

If you are eager to enjoy winter this way and have the chance to look and beautiful views, you should move fast. Do not wait until the end of winter since you may not have the chance. Book professional movers on time and express your free will!

woman with a dog
Hiking is a perfect winter activity for adventurers!

High Part Zoo

If you have never been to a zoo in winter, now is the time! High Park Zoo is the oldest zoo in Toronto and you will have the chance to see some amazing animals. Some of them are unique for this zoo so you will be privileged to see them. You have probably read about the infamous escaping capibaras. Well, you will have the chance to see them in person and enjoy it!

Grafitti Alley

We can call this one free exhibit. You can enjoy various graffiti that is stretching over two blocks. Even though it is cold, winter is the best season for enjoying this. All you have to do is bring good spirits, warm clothes, and a warm drink. You just need a couple of hours to spend and you are good to go!

Walking Toronto Downtown

The center of Toronto is beautiful in winter. There is so much to see, there is so much spirit in the air. The only problem can be the time you are going to need to get there if you want to live in suburbs. Even though there is a thought that you can’t find good condos downtown, it is wrong. There are many condos to choose from and experience Toronto in winter to the fullest. You just have to hire a real estate agent, talk through, hire good condo movers Toronto and get there in time so that you could enjoy this city to the fullest in winter!

Watch a movie at the drive-in

Another great winter action you can enjoy in Toronto is the drive-in movie theater. Even if you did not go in your life, you already know what it is. You can watch holiday movies with your family in your own car. You can bring snacks, warm drinks and enjoy as much as you want.

Enjoy tobogganing

Tobogganing is one of the activities that you do not need special preparation. The good thing about Toronto is that you have dozens of small hills where you can go and enjoy tobogganing. No matter where you live, there is a good chance that you will find a perfect spot to avoid all problems by enjoying yourself.

Winterfold Blues & Roots Festival

We should probably include music events on this list of best winter activities in Toronto. Due to this health situation, all of us have become scared and that is natural. But, what is a better way to enjoy yourself a little and get away from problems? Music is something that we all need and you should check this festival out. It is scheduled for February and we hope that the situation will be much better after the new year!

Enjoy many libraries in Toronto

Toronto is filled with libraries. If you love reading books, you will be pleased to know that you can enjoy winter by reading some of your favorite books. Most libraries in Toronto are well made, with lots of unique things that will make you feel special. You can enjoy winter from the inside too, right?

Enjoy winter by drinking a warm beverage and reading a book

In conclusion…

If we tried to write all the winter activities you can enjoy in, we could not do it. There are so many things that you can do in Toronto and have the time of your life. It does not matter whether you are moving because of your personal preference or because of work, you will enjoy it here in winter.

Of course, before you have the chance to enjoy all of these winter activities in Toronto, you will have to relocate soon. There are great residential moving companies Toronto, office moving companies Toronto that you can call and move in no time. We recommend that you make the arrangements as soon as possible because you do not want to miss everything this city has to offer!